Tuesday, February 01, 2011

12 Hours with Mr Beautiful

Oh my God I have just spent a perfect day with Kyle and I finally found someone who can keep up with me with the club hopping and party's.
We started out having coffee and breakfast on my beach before our limo arrived (with well stocked bar of coarse) to pick us up and take us to Aqua for Monday Muse with Dj Romeo Reardon. We danced, we felt up each others asses on the dance floor and had a great time.
Afterwards our limo drove us to THE SLOT CLUB in Folsom sim where we danced the evening away to DJ TREAT while we were surrounded by huge posters of men, men with men, men having sex with men and cocks! I pointed out to Kyle that he was oh so sure as fuck going to get my ass later that night! ;-)
We ended the club hop at CLUB BLU with DJ DEX and after flirting relentlessly and being teased unmercifully as Kyle took off his shirt, we found ourselves at my house at the end of the day where we spent the night getting waterlogged sitting in my bath tub drinking Jagermeifter and eating pizza naked until dawn when the sun came up and we passed out together on the bed!
What a day what a night and the best 12 hours on Second Life that I have had in months!!!!


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Grunt Popstar said...

You are a pedal to the metal romantic.