Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Ziggy goes Apeshit

Well it had to happen! I fell off the sobriety wagon hard and found myself partying hard at IMPULSE Leather Night with Sexy Dexy, DJ Dextrum Boucher and before I knew it I was smashed on a bottle of Jack Daniels and face down on a mirror splattered in virtual, primo, Second Life cocaine!
I met a very sexy werewolf and several other very excitable, sexy men beefcake and lost all control. Someone carried me home, seduced me and put me to bed were I slept/passed out for a few hours before waking up hornier than a toad and ascended upon all the naughty, Second Life man brothels!
I picked up 3 very sexy demons of sexual temptation and played strip poker until we were intertwined like pretzels on my Hubs 3 way sex rug surrounded by several empty bottles of booze and empty vials of some weird substance that left us all passed out in the early morning heat of the cruel morning sunshine!
Thanx guys, it was fun, whoever you were! Oh some point I posed stark naked on the roof of my beach house for a paparazzi and I have been so generous as to post the scandalous picture here for you to on sexies...see you next time!

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