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Ziggy: Gay Archipelago Calendar Top Model-Mr August 2011

On November 6th 2010 on my Rez Day I was partying at the famous AGE OF IRON club and I entered a contest called "Hottest In Blue Collar Men".
I was shocked an hour later when I was crowned the winner of the Gay Archipelago Calendar Top Model as Mr August 2011.
I was mute about it until now because I did not want to post the photo session pics and ruin the surprise but now the calendar is released and I can show it off!
Below is my interview as the winner of the Gay Archipelago Top Model August 2011 award and some pics from my photo sessions.
Anyone wanting a copy of the calendar is welcome to I.M. me inworld for a copy...enjoy!

1. In what club did you win the contest and how was your experience ?
In what club did you win the contest and how was your experience ?
In welchem Club haben Sie den Wettbewerb gewinnen und wie waren Ihre Erfahrungen?

Ziggy: I won the contest at the fabulous Age Of iron Club for Hottest in Blue Collar Man. It was a great party and the first time ever being photographed for a model or calendar situation. I am very humbled and glad it was associated with the Age Of iron Club because it was one of the very first clubs I came to when I entered Second Life as a noobie way back in 2007 (when it was still called Ironworks).

2. Where do you come from? (land or city)
Où voulez-vous venir? (Terrestre ou ville)
Wo kommen Sie her? (Land oder Stadt)

Ziggy: I am in Toronto Canada the land of Moose and beavers lol

3. What is for you the big fun of Second Life ?
Quel est pour vous le grand amusement de Second Life?
Was ist für Sie das große Vergnügen von Second Life?

Ziggy: When I first logged into Second Life I was not sure if I would stay. I had terrible time learning to walk and fly and over the first few weeks met some fantastic people that helped me out and taught me the joys of SL. It was then I learned of the incredible creativity and fantasy that SL provides. A great escape from a sometimes boring real life! I decided to keep coming on SL and now 3 years later I am hopelessly addicted! In SL I am basically myself as I was in RL when I was younger lol

4. Are you often in the Gay Archipelago and why ?
Êtes-vous souvent dans l'archipel de Gay et pourquoi?
Sie sind oft in der Gay Archipel und warum?

Ziggy: I can honestly say that I am in the GA daily with the vast array of fabulous clubs and party's within! I have also walked the length of the whole GA sims twice, exploring the many interesting variety of places and atmospheres. It took me 8 hours and I loved every moment of it. I think it is a fantastic idea to try and include all gay orientated and owned sims all under one roof. There are some truly beautiful, cool places here!

5. Are you a real party animal and if you are, what are your favourite clubs?
Êtes-vous un animal de partie réelle et si vous êtes, quelles sont vos clubs préférés?
Sind Sie ein echter Partylöwe und wenn Sie sind, was sind Ihre Lieblings-Clubs?

Ziggy: I think I can safely brag that I am a major party animal and am a regular patron of the majority of the gay clubs! My main club circuit and favorite clubs include Age Of iron, Aqua Club, Frixion Club, Engine Steampunk, Tainted Boys, Jakes Club , Club Blu as well as a few others I know I am forgetting right now because I just had a nice stiff cocktail ;-)

6. How is it for you to be a model for a calendar? A lot of people will see your avatar .......
Comment est-il pour vous d'être un modèle pour le calendrier? Beaucoup de gens vont voir votre avatar .......
Wie ist es für Sie ein Modell für einen Kalender zu sein? Eine Menge Leute werden Ihr Avatar sehen .......

Ziggy: I am extremely flattered and humbled and enjoying every second of it hehe
I have never experienced anything like this before! I may be loud and wild at times but I am shy at stuff like this!

8. Anything you like to say to our readers ?
Tout ce que vous voulez dire à nos lecteurs?
Etwas Sie gerne unseren Lesern sagen?

Ziggy: I would love to thank everybody who read this and got off on my pic lol
If anybody is interested in reading my funny SL adventures at the clubs, please check out my little blog at :
if you see me at the clubs say hello, I am very friendly and only bite when asked to xxx

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