Sunday, January 23, 2011

Should I Carry On?

After a year plus of carrying on like a banshee I am wondering if I should carry on with this blog. All things do come to an end and maybe I have said and done all I need to say...have I bitched too much?
Should this blog continue........?


Grunt Popstar said...

Ping Ping. Poke Poke. It's free stud, not like it is hitting you in the wallet and you're going "Shit is this worth it?" I enjoy reading your rants and bitches, gives context to that day I find you tied up to a post somewhere and wonder where your buttons are. ;)

Derren Nexen said...

If you quit now something will happen and you'll be wishing you could post about it. Like Grunt says it doesn't cost you anything and it's not like you have to post all the time. It's enjoyable reading to us but the all important question is is it enjoyable for you? Maybe take a break for awhile and see how ya feel. :)


Come find my buttons Grunt, not hard to come across me tied to a post ;-)

Eddi Haskell said...

Ziggy, I have been asking the same thing about working on my blog. I have been cutting back on postings. But one thing I have noticed is that it is hard to get back into blogging once you break from it.

The loss of Blue Mars (I loved to show photographs from the place --- Second Life simply does not look as good) as a creative platform has also caused me to loose interest in blogging right now. I am trying to see if the graphics and images on Second Life can rekindle my imagination.

Here is how I look at it. Your blog needs to reward you somehow to continue. It can be an income earner, a way to get people to recognize you, or simply something you enjoy doing for one reason or another. When that stops, you need to stop.

But some advice. Just don't shut your blog down. Leave it up on hiatus. You just might want to start doing it again in a few months or however long.

It should s to me like a break is in order. I agree with Derren Nexen.