Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Eye Candy At THE SLOT Club

There was sex in the air last night. I could smell it. I could taste it and I sure as hell saw it at THE SLOT club on the manly, testosterone filled Folsom sim!
Went dancing there with Larz Kas and we were both overwhelmed by the sights of the sexy eye candy of masculine men everywhere!
My eye had a particular gleam in it at the site of a very sexy dude named Stevie...
I had to fight the urge to drink large amounts of whiskey and the amount of virtual cocaine that was being offered to me was staggering! Normally as you would know if your a regular reader of this blog of shite, I would be drunk by noon and snorting powder off the nip caps of all these hot dudes but tonight I was behaved.
However....afterwards I took a little detour and ended up at the sexy "Brothers" dungeon...

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