Monday, January 31, 2011

DJ Night At Tainted Boys

It's happy time for Zig Ziggy and since I met and began exclusively dating sexy Kyle Beckett my Second Life experiences have increased ten fold. We spent most of the weekend together doing all kinds of things (cough)and it culminated on Sunday January 30, 2011 at DJ night #9 at TAINTED BOYS Club. The 4 DJ's were all pretty damn fantastic DJ Romeo Reardon, DJ Scary Jester, DJ Pit Dawg and finally my buddy DJ Dextrum Boucher. I have heard all these DJ's before with the exception of Jester and knew they would deliver some primo sets but they all definitely outdid themselves tonight with non-stop energy and fucking very nice tunage.
It's been awhile since I cursed the hallowed halls of TAINTED BOYS with my debauchery and forgot how nice and soothing the color of the club design was. A very cool blue color which was cutting edge looking yet simple with a few spotlights here and there.
I was also dumbfounded with shock and awe to see my old buddy Jacki return to Second Life from what must have been more than a year. Tip of my hat for his lover Sasch and he for staying partnered on Second Life after such an absence and I bet their bedroom walls were buzzing that night (gasp)!!!!
I have 2 more days and nights off from horrific real life work and plan to spend them rubbing shoulders (and asses) with Kyle and you can bet I will fill you in on our shenanigans....

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