Monday, January 24, 2011

Age Of Iron/Ironworks Closing

Well another one bites the dust..the 4 year old, legendary IRONWORKS now known as AGE OF IRON is closing it's doors for good as of Feb 10th, 2011.
I have already written numerous blog posts about IW/AOI and what this place meant to me growing up as an avatar so I won't go into much details but it seems that club after club is closing it's doors. Maybe it all trickles down to my theory that Second Life is dying and the signs are everywhere!
All this recently made me the "old" days of Second Life:
Can u remember?
-- Update Wednesdays (followed by Crashday Thursday and Patch-the-mistakes Friday).
-- The status page with the gorillas "Please bear with us while we bang on things"
-- Griefer attacks could crash the entire grid
-- Wearing prim hair that was just, like... solid.
-- Blue box messages from the Lindens
-- Blue box messages from the Lindens with jokes in them
-- Rating people on their profiles
-- Camping chairs that would pay out L$60 an hour, and you could still always find empty seats
--Textures never rezzing and getting clothes that looked like newspaper

See you out on the Tiles party people....

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