Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 Brand New Clubs On The Scene: Club Vibez and Doqtown

I been in a major Second Life slump now since well before Christmas and been very bored at a majority of the same old club scene and the same old people, especially clubs with the name of a color as their logo. Instead of just saying "BLa" to it all as I already have in previous blog posts I decided to seek and destroy some new places to crash and burn! Last week I discovered the very steamy BLOW BUDDIES, BULL RING and The SLOTS clubs which have been keeping my overactive glands very satisfied...
On Thursday I was chatting my my buddy Ronan Mactavish who informed me that he was starting out trying his hand at being a DJ and so invited Larz Kas and myself to a new club called CLUB VIBEZ which he was DJing at on Friday night. Got there promptly and was treated to a fantastic set of 80's classics by DJ RO who also provided something nice on the eyes as well as the ears. For one of his first times he was excellent and kept the music energetic and flowing and I can't wait to see him DJ his regular set of music...
The club was large and very cool with an ever changing dance floor which sometimes burned my eyes with brightness but was over all, very fun and happening!
Here is the SLurl:

Afterward got a saucy little invite from Jesse Belavidorico who was hosting at a brand, new gay sim and club called DOQTOWN. The theme was hot sexy, cops and I arrested, strip searched and man handled so many sweat soaked, charged up beefy men that the holding cells in my little dungeon were packed with bad bad men all waiting to take on all comers. DJ Sasch and Insyx provided the soundtrack and Jesse provided some eye candy and smutty I.M.'s
The first 2 hours was hosted by AQUA Club and the second 2 hours was hosted by AGE OF IRON Club to help kick off the new sim.
This place was huge and roomy and held a large amount of very sexy avatars and I enjoyed myself immensely as I strip searched and shot my foul mouth off at all the police officers who were lucky or unlucky enough to catch my stiff attention.
Ok men, hands behind those fucking heads and spread those legs. Stop your grinnen and drop that linen.....
Here is the location:

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