Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wednesday? Who says we can't Fucking Party?

Wednesday on Second Life...who says we can't fucking party?
It was so god damn hot I needed to skinny dip this morning and then putting on my speedos in the nick of time, went for a short visit with my friend/neighbor Trace Netizen who was practicing his DJ skills for his sure to be fabulous, house warming party this weekend!
With all this hot, humid weather we have had lately who says we need to tone it down on the heat? I started off my night at the beautiful AQUA LOUNGE with DJ Queen Edman and my sexy friend Host Larz Kas...
Lots of new faces around Second Life lately and some very, hot sexies considering they are noobs! The new skins and hair available lately can make a once pink noob into a seriously sexy hottie almost instantly! Hairy chests with ripe nips and realistic looking cocks abound and can make perv camming a wonderful pass time while gyrating ones own body to the groovy tunes...

Inbetween parties Larz, Kharissa Indigo and I lounged on our beach, eating shrimp and drinking some champagne before heading off to CLUB SHAMPOO' naked foam party!

OMG hot men covered in suds with the occasional peek of their cocks in and out of view by the suds WOW!