Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pride? Booooring!!!!

I know this balls to the wall post here may make a few eyebrows frown and may cause a few raised eyebrows as well but honesty is my best policy!
I am just not liking this Second Life Pride's why...
I miss partying at my favorite clubs with my friends with my fav DJ's and this Pride thing is all over the place. The lag is horrific and when my chims, huddles and AO's won't work in the lagging sim it only frustrates me and makes me want to leave!
Nobody seems to be getting into it much with very little chat going on and very little gesture enthusiasm going on. In short it is fucking boring!
I did not attend the "barge" parade event this past weekend because I had to work and from what I heard I am glad I was not there to be even more frustrated. Apparently Second Life and the lag was so bad that all the stuff and people kept sinking into the ground and after a few hours the whole event got canceled. All the hard work and imagination that it took to create all this was a massive waste of time!
I have bitched about it before and I will bitch about it again but what the majority of us want is A SIMPLE DANCE CLUB with no themes, costumes, drag shows and sets that cause tremendous lag, huge amount of Lindens to get all dressed up with etc etc...
We want a place to go as we are, with good music, simple surroundings no elaborate contests, dress codes and WE WANT SEXY MASCULINE MEN AROUND US DANCING! No drag shows, no men in dresses and no bullshit!
My ideal club and period of time in Second Life history (as well as most successful in terms of crowds) was in the heyday of Aussieboys, Ironworks (when my buddy Paulec Decuir was running the show) and the legendary Fat Tigers (God I miss Fat Tigers) as well as the 2 clubs Aqua and Impulse which still hold true to their roots and still are crowded every night and successful...I enjoy the simpleness of Club Blu and Backdoor Club etc. Places were gay men want to dance and chat with other masculine gay men in simple jeans, leather and T shirts or no shirts with no big hoopla.
Pride to me is boring and although I will try to attend the party's there still I will not enjoy it as much and will wait with baited breath for the return of the regular club schedules next week!