Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ziggy In Rehab?

Ziggy has checked himself into the Second Life Betty Ford Clinic and Celebrity Rehab TV Show to overcome his unimaginable drug and alcohol addiction however nowhere in the contract did it state that sex rehabilitation was included....Dr Drew is having a very rough time keeping Ziggy Clean and Sober and Ziggy keeps acting out and being a drama queen to get attention however Dr Drew is apparently being very strict and keeping an eye on him! Kathy Griffen paid him a visit the other day but she brought her mother along who kept trying to smuggle in box's of cheap wine but the staff were quick acting and confiscated her purse which also contained cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs and playgirl magazines!
Rumor also has it that Ziggy has a new twin brother named Jett Starsmith and a brand, new boyfriend named ........ ;-)
Have a great holiday and see you in 2011

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Aiden said...

love it, maybe i should join?