Friday, December 31, 2010


My New Years Resolutions for 2011:

1) Get married on SL (watch for a big surprise any minute now ;-)
2) Stay clean and sober on Second Life (I been clean and sober in real life for 17 years now)
3) Have more sex
4) Stop giving the time of day to people on SL who have proven not to be real friends
5) Be a better friend to real friends
6) Be even more brutally honest with this blog of mine
7) Have sex with Ryce Skytower (this resolution did not come true from last year!!!!) ;-)
8) Seduce Cannon Atlass on a rock overhanging a high cliff ;-
9) Have a threesome with Cannon Atlass and Rider Overland ;-)
and finally
10) Be nicer to Philip Eubanks ;-)

UPDATE: The morning after-New Years Day: One thing I learned on New Years Eve was who some of my real friends are and which ones need to be slowly left by the wayside.
More and more I am slowly seeing that my older friends from SL seem to be the true friends and some of the new friends from this past year from a certain club I been going to need to be forgotten! Shallow trendies who only come around and kiss your ass when they beg for your tips and only when you are the latest darling of the their club scene. The owner of this club is quite the asshole too and I had to mute him and his ass kissing bitch because they hogged the whole chat and just wouldn't shut up! Makes one feel Blue if you let it but I'm not into boys I'm into men ;-)
A new real man I recently met and became smitten with turned out to be a major letdown and with 2010 fading into my rear view mirror I shall forget him as my tires squeal forward into 2011.
HoweverI have met some new friends this past year however who seems genuine and cool named Donny Alsop, Cannon Atlass, Rider Overland, Nicholas Patrono and Tim88 Vollmar to name a few...
Finally as the year 2010 came to a close my SL has come full circle and someone close to me has become very clear that they are the one and all will be announced in these very pages very soon!
Happy New Year Bitches and let's hope 2011 is a better year than 2010 which seemed rather dull...


Grunt Popstar said...

Hmmm. Makes mental note to write list of resolutions.

Happy New Year to you too Zig!

Bock McMillan said...

Happy New Year, Ziggy!

Go get them...LOL