Wednesday, December 08, 2010


Sometimes I think everybody on Second Life is all an alt (alternative avatar) of one person and I am the only other soul on the grid. I used to have alts (all well documented here in this blog already) but I deleted all their accounts about 2 months ago so they no longer exist and I cannot even log onto them ever again! I just felt no need for an alt. All my deleted alts were just my old main characters that died as I slowly evolved into Ziggy.Again and for the last time my alts were: LX7 Frog, Rex Short, Manny Steampunk and Rhett Whybrow!
Anyway I do understand why some folks have alts and it does not matter to me. Even when or if I find out someone is somebody's alt it still does not matter! An alt to me is just another character which I treat differently as if they were separate people!
I know it is no secret that my buddy Eddie Haskel has an alt named Ryce Skytower but when I speak with them inworld I treat them differently! I have tended to use more sexual innuendo when speaking with Ryce. Ryce is single where Eddie is married to Jago so hence I treat that with respect and don't talk sexual to Eddie ;-)
In summary, I do not care who is an alt because Second Life is all about fantasy and freedom and I will treat each avatar as a separate individual!
Also it is fact that some people are real life men who are Second Life women and vice versa but it does not matter to me!
It is all about the fantasy don't you think?
I will have no more alts because I am very happy as Ziggy now and no need for anyone else!


DJ InsyX said...

Wait you are not Phil Linden? hehe


Me barfs

Nidge Bracken said...

It isn't you and one other person...there are actually twelve of us! The Disciples of SL. I have alts, as I think is probably well known. Some I use for roleplay stuff, some I use for storage and one I use for escape - 'it' has no friends, no groups and wanders freely, seeing the sites and never being bothered by IMs, TP requests or group notices...bliss!