Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Impulse 2606 Leather Clubs 4th Anniversary.......FABULOUS!

What a fanfuckingtastic weekend I just had! Great clubs, great music, great friends and great drugs!
I was having so much fun doing it all that my sequence and dates are mixed up but some of my highlights were...DJ ZANN at CLUB NOVA really kicked it on Monday night as well as afterwards at my favorite CLUB BLU with DJ DEXTRUM BOUCHER who is my very favorite DJ on Second Life. Every show he does is so high energy and he gets the crowd and myself so hyped and pumped up that I almost cum with delight on the dance floor...clean up on Aisle 8....Dex always plays my current favorite song "Drummer Boy" - by Alesha Dixon - Drummer Boy (Benny Benassi Remix) ((See Video Below)).
I also went to Tainted Boys to prance to DJ Heloq on Monday and had some nose candy in the toilets to make my fun that much more special!!!
BUT STOP THE PRESS-My ultimate favorite party this week was Tuesday night, November 9th, 2010 when I attended the 4th anniversary of the Smexy leather club 2606 at Impulse island with my old buddy's Benu and Drew and DJ Sexy Dexy once again playing an extended 3 hour set which left me dripping in sweat and jonesing after running out of my usual nightly stash of party enhancements!
I remember back in 2007 being brought to the fabulous 2606 club by DJ Dex and his partner in crime at the time, Paulec Decuir three years ago and being introduced to Benu and Drew. They were/are always very welcoming and nice to everybody and after going very strong after 4 years, the 2606 Club/Impulse is packed to the rafters every Tuesday night for their famous Leather Night. In between flirting naughtily with some sexies I managed to take some photos of the event for you to enjoy.....
Congrats 2606/ is to 4 more fabulous years.....

Oh and DJ Dex plays this song for me at his gigs which I beg him for because it is so fabulous and ferocious and makes my blood race, my heart pound and my ass kicked...I NEED A BETTER DRUMMER! OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Crank this song mother fuckers!

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