Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horsing Around with Amaretto Breedable Horses...

For the past 2 weeks I been taking a break from the clubs and dry humping anything that moved and together with my buddy Larz Kas and Kharissa Indigo and new friend Petr Vanbeeck we been getting into the fun of raising and breeding the fairly new breedable Amaretto Horses! Actual Second Life horses that are rideable but also can be bred to have actual babies, much like the bunnies that are found on Second Life. The parents usually have special colors, traits and eye colors that when bred together can create new combinations that can be sold or auctioned for large amounts of Linden dollars. I went to 2 horse auctions that sold Amaretto horses and some sold for as much as 45000L each. Males are much more rare and fetch a higher price and unusual traits such as special eye color or mane and tails determine which horses are more valuable! I was amazed at how many people are into this and how addictive it is! On November 18th, 2010, Larz and I started off with a beautiful, black pony as a gift from Kharissa Indigo as a birthday present for Larz and now we have 7 horses in total with my two females pregnant lol.
The baby horses mature in 7 days in which they can then be ridden as pets or be bred with other horses when they reach Fervor which I guess means their horniness level.
Larz's baby pony has since matured and has been bred and had a baby male pony.
You must buy food for the horses or they get sick and after approximately 3 months or so they no longer breed. They can be traded in to Horse Haven for points which I think gives you money off on food and supplies.
I must say I am becoming addicted to riding and watching them and they have a very peaceful effect!
Here are some pics taken of our various pony's and horses at different stages of growth...

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Serenity Drasilova said...

Beautiful horses Ziggy! I enjoyed reading your posts :D Hugs

Beryl Landar said...

Nice post and thanks for sharing.