Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Art Of Being An Asshole...

Well I'm fresh out of Second Life Rehab and my mood is volatile!
Smiles will not be given out for free and I don't do it your way!!
I need a fucking cigarette...
Just finished moving to my own beach house on Pure estates owned by the illustrious Aeschylus Shepherd and now spend much of my time online swimming and relaxing by the tropical ocean instead of at endless clubs smoking endless drugs and drinking endless cocktails with coke residue framing my red, inflamed, snorting nostrils!
Don't get me wrong, I still spread my legs for the right situation but you better be fucking worth it baby because I'm sick of the assholes....
Being on Second Life now a month shy of three years I have come to meet some brilliant, beautiful people. Nice people behind the avatars that showed me, taught me, were nice to me as well as a few major hardcore bastards!
Very recently I met someone who I thought was brilliant and funny and beautiful but have since been proven by their own action to be a selfish asshole and attention whore!
BUT this time baby I am bullet proof so I was well shielded from the oncoming shenanigans! NEXT!
I also in another lifetime had two good friends, one of which was a best friend but both turned out to be major unimaginable bastards when they fucked my SL partner/boyfriend behind my back and then had me banned on what once part of my land!
This was where an angel stepped in...A very good friend who I had known since my noob days and a mentor of sorts, gave me major help with retribution when he did a favor for me and basically slayed the assholes with a nice, temporary, warning banning from Second Life which has sent them plunging into obscurity and now work, scrubbing the floors of British hem stores.... OH BEHAVE ZIGGY (Snap)
But I have come back to Second Life refreshed and ready to partake in the non-stop festivities but the Ziggy avatar has gone through rehab and electric shock therapy and is better than new...My old persona avatar Rhett was also deleted this week and his account canceled and destroyed as well as a role play avatar I had since 2006 who was a little water alien named LX7 FROG.
I have no more loose alts running about on the grid and have just me, Ziggy Starsmith to contend with for now on!

OMG- ZIGGY is sober?

Naaaaaaaaaaa fuck it, I just had a nice cigarette followed by 4 codeine pills washed down with some Jack Daniels and for Christ's sakes it made my hair turn black.....


Teleny Macarthur said...

Welcome back, Ziggster! Good to see ya wearin' yer snarky balls again..... hope to run into ya soon, bro!


xxx sexy!