Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ziggy Goes Frigging Wild...

WOW what a weekend! I admit I went fucking apeshit this past few days what with the party party party's and the half naked sexy men swarming around me until I grew dizzy and fucked them!
I was so busy having fun doing the fun that I have included several pics here because basically every picture tells a story don't it?
Last night I grew restless and wild waiting for Larz to finish boinking his sexy Go-GO boy from Club Blu who i suspect had both been drinking so I got myself in deep trouble at least 4 times anyways!
I had a nice rough session from a new friend I met the other night when I was dressed as a bunny and a few others who graciously allowed me to snort huge amounts of cocaine off their beefy, hairy chests while we stroked each other into overdrive.
One hottie allowed me to lick his nipples until he came proving to me that he did not need genital stimulation in order to blast off into the outer space areas of my imagination...but the room was spinning wildly for both of us as we had indulged in some rather strong opium and did not know or care who we were, where we were or if we even still existed!
Another sexy had me play ring toss with a dozen maple donuts and his throbbing cock! Let's just say we both scored in that game!

After such a whirlwind of activity, several drinks, a half dozen percocets and a blowjob later I thought it best to spend the last few hours of my days of work with 2 a threesome! One of them had fantastic nipples but a tiny cock and the other one had a massive monster but rather mashy nipples so I fucked them both at the same time pretending they were one perfect man and so only then was I ready to call my weekend of debauchery a suck-sess!
So the moral of my story is...if Larz hadn't been drinking and giggling with his Go-Go boy and came out to party with me then I would have not misbehaved so fucking badly and would have stayed home and watched The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and secretly wishing that Kim and Neeny would pull each others wigs off...or simply fell asleep in a stupor after accidentally drinking too much cough syrup!
Don't judge me, join on peeps!

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Grunt Popstar said...

Sweet righteousness. :)