Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Brand New STARSMITH Viewer!

Ooooh just look at it glisten! The new STARSMITH viewer for Second Life residents to log in and view the 3D universe like never before!
-Built in see-through clothing option let's you see through other avatars clothes
-Extra controls that extend and enhance your Xcite genitals that are breathtaking
- Jiggling Genies:You loved the bouncing boobs option, now we bring you the jiggling in awe as the male genitalia juggles, sways and bounces. Comes in 3 settings 1) shriveled peepster 2) Semi Pride and 3) Throbbing gigantic maximus
-A state-of-the-art radar system that filters out hotties on the grid and allows you to teleport directly to them
-Exquisitely designed seducer option that forces the hot avatar of your choice to submit to your every desire!
-The Linden option: Gives you 1,000 free Lindens every hour if you so choose this option!!!!
-A bitch-slap option which will replace orbiter huds overnight with it's built in ability to smack any offending avatar in the face that disagrees with you!
-The drug and alcohol enhanced option allows you to send a direct instant message to your SL drug dealer(s) of choice!
-Also just added: The botox option gives your avatar a nice subtle botox injection for those nagging crows feet and saggy dark circles under the eyes!
-Finally the best option yet: The STARSMITH invisibilty option that makes it completely impossible for you to be seen on radar or in the flesh, so you can hide, stalk and lurk near your friends and loved ones to see if they are talking about you or even be in the same room with them while they have sex!
Just imagine.......
Of coarse I am totally serious!
Download my new STARSMITH viewer here:



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Teleny Macarthur said...

ROFL!!!! Zigster, I think we have a winner here! Sign me up!