Monday, September 06, 2010

Jesse Belavidorico & Andrijiko Coveria Second Life Wedding

Sunday, September 5th, 2010, Larz Kas and myself were invited to the wedding of Jesse Belavidorico & Andrijiko Coveria.
There was a large turnout and the wedding went off famously! The party staging and set was all set up by Kharissa Indigo who did a spectacular job with an elven/fantasy theme which can be seen in my pictures below!
I have recently met and become friends with Jesse so it was honor to see our buddy get hitched!
Larz and myself discovered the champagne table afterwords and speaking only for myself, I drank way more than my limit and found myself deep in several saucy instant messages at the reception party held at the Engine Steampunk Club!
Although I was indeed pissed to the gills I surprised myself at how well behaved I was and never shouted out anything controversial or edgy or inappropriate.
My stiff, stuffy suit however constricted my morals and I found myself shirtless and perv camming before the party was over! I was throbbing in my pants from all the steamy, hot he-men rubbing their arms and chests against me in the hot, close quarters as we danced yet still I ended up going home alone and seed intact!
Am I loosing my mojo????? OH NO!

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