Sunday, September 26, 2010

Don't Be Tardy For The Party-Fashionably Early!!!

Wow I been off Second Life for a long 8 days and nights having been working like a bitch in real life and missing the men, the party's and the drugs as well as moving yet again to a new, beach house on SL from my temporary sky loft!
It seems like centuries since I have had some avatar action as well and missing those very sexy man avatars which I am always finding intensely pleasurable to be around...behind the sexy men, beside the sexy men, UNDER the sexy men!
Well my first day off and I decided to dress up and head off to the new "AGE OF IRON" club (formerly IRONWORKS) and spent 4 hours dancing with Larz and Kharissa to the tunes of DJ Wesley Spengler and DJ Queen Edmund all night!
Sexy Tek Karfield was there and I can never get enough of perv camming this sexy bugger but alas he was dressed in a suit and that sexy, hairy chest of his was kept hidden from my prying peepers but speaking of peepers, Tek also has very beautiful eyes so the night was not a total loss..
Can't wait for the next few days when I think I'm gonna haul my buck, naked ass to Paradise Gay Beach and find me some man candy to seduce!
BTW my brand, new forum "THE TREASURE TRAIL" is taking off nicely with very hot real life, sexy man pics...(Check out the info and link to the previous post before this)
If you want to check it out go to the link, open a user name account (easy and free) and then apply for a permanent membership and your in for life! It's a private message board were members can post and view sexy man pictures of real life and Second Life as well as video of horny man beasts...

Here are some pics of my new abode and dancing at da Klub....


Aiden said...

u always look sooooo cool


Awwww thank you very sexy man, so do you!
Make love to me...again ;-)