Thursday, September 02, 2010

Betrayed By Emerald Viewer

The latest drama with the once, fabulous Emerald Viewer has left a vomity taste in my mouth! I will not even repost or link to the drama because we have all read it elsewhere and are most likely fed up with it too...
Emerald let us down...
This was the final straw for me! I was a faithful Emerald soldier willing to give up Second life if I could not use the Emerald Viewer!
With this new news I am livid! They knew this condition of kicking out three members of their team was demanded by the Lindens yet did not reveal it, knowing it was the end of Emerald. Instead they led us on last week, telling us they will comply with the demands, giving us hope to continue using Emerald as well as a "new,clean" beta version even though they knew this was not going to happen and would kill the Emerald project!
Dramatic stories of hacking, spying, raping, looting, killing and shooting have taken up my time and thoughts this past week! Now with the drama I have been reading elsewhere about infighting and takeovers and crap, I have had enough!
Myself and my real life boyfriend have wiped every trace of Emerald off our personal confusers and we are sticking with the Emergence Viewer (which is exactly like Emerald in every way without the nasty code but based on Linden Labs Snowglobe)!
Download here:
Yes I have read the "conspiracy theories" that Linden Labs was "Jealous" of Emerald and wanted to snuff it out while they had the chance and that the other third party viewers are next,but come on! Look at the crap! Emerald you blew it!
Emerald rest in peace, we will miss you but you brought all this compounding drama upon yourselves and now even I don't trust you!
Forecast looks like Linden Labs will ban the use of the Emerald Viewer as of Friday, September 3rd, 2010 and users will receive emails and a blog post informing them they will be unabale to log in with it!

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