Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ziggy Goes Frigging Wild...

WOW what a weekend! I admit I went fucking apeshit this past few days what with the party party party's and the half naked sexy men swarming around me until I grew dizzy and fucked them!
I was so busy having fun doing the fun that I have included several pics here because basically every picture tells a story don't it?
Last night I grew restless and wild waiting for Larz to finish boinking his sexy Go-GO boy from Club Blu who i suspect had both been drinking so I got myself in deep trouble at least 4 times anyways!
I had a nice rough session from a new friend I met the other night when I was dressed as a bunny and a few others who graciously allowed me to snort huge amounts of cocaine off their beefy, hairy chests while we stroked each other into overdrive.
One hottie allowed me to lick his nipples until he came proving to me that he did not need genital stimulation in order to blast off into the outer space areas of my imagination...but the room was spinning wildly for both of us as we had indulged in some rather strong opium and did not know or care who we were, where we were or if we even still existed!
Another sexy had me play ring toss with a dozen maple donuts and his throbbing cock! Let's just say we both scored in that game!

After such a whirlwind of activity, several drinks, a half dozen percocets and a blowjob later I thought it best to spend the last few hours of my days of work with 2 a threesome! One of them had fantastic nipples but a tiny cock and the other one had a massive monster but rather mashy nipples so I fucked them both at the same time pretending they were one perfect man and so only then was I ready to call my weekend of debauchery a suck-sess!
So the moral of my story is...if Larz hadn't been drinking and giggling with his Go-Go boy and came out to party with me then I would have not misbehaved so fucking badly and would have stayed home and watched The Real Housewives Of Atlanta and secretly wishing that Kim and Neeny would pull each others wigs off...or simply fell asleep in a stupor after accidentally drinking too much cough syrup!
Don't judge me, join on peeps!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Horny Hairy Hare

Attended the wild dress up party for birthday boy, Donny Alsop at the cool "JUST BE" club tonight and everybody was dressed to the nines because everybody was imitating the fabulous wardrobe looks of Donny who is known for his wild clothing! I decided to go apeshit and dress as a cute, blue, Playboy Bunny with ears, a tail, fishnets and a raging hard-on I was getting while meeting and dancing with this hawtie, Gareth Serrao...
Gareth told me he was growing very fond of my bunny frock and we danced together and turned each other on! By the last dance my fishnets were ripped around the ass and crotch area and my quaint, blue bunny corset was torn open in the front, humiliating me (in a good way) as my bare, exposed chest was revealed!
Unfortunately the bunny ears were trampled underfoot on the dancefloor long ago...
I quite liked sexy Gareth who told me everything I liked to hear but sadly he had to log off before my rabbit costume could be left behind on his bedroom floor!
My frock was ruined and dry cleaning was out of the question....
Great party, great night, great Gareth and after all was said and done a big HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Donny Alsop...


DON'T SAY A FUCKING WORD!!!! Going to an outrageous party tonight....

I will try to take more pics of the fun times tonight if I'm not too busy having them!

Don't Be Tardy For The Party-Fashionably Early!!!

Wow I been off Second Life for a long 8 days and nights having been working like a bitch in real life and missing the men, the party's and the drugs as well as moving yet again to a new, beach house on SL from my temporary sky loft!
It seems like centuries since I have had some avatar action as well and missing those very sexy man avatars which I am always finding intensely pleasurable to be around...behind the sexy men, beside the sexy men, UNDER the sexy men!
Well my first day off and I decided to dress up and head off to the new "AGE OF IRON" club (formerly IRONWORKS) and spent 4 hours dancing with Larz and Kharissa to the tunes of DJ Wesley Spengler and DJ Queen Edmund all night!
Sexy Tek Karfield was there and I can never get enough of perv camming this sexy bugger but alas he was dressed in a suit and that sexy, hairy chest of his was kept hidden from my prying peepers but speaking of peepers, Tek also has very beautiful eyes so the night was not a total loss..
Can't wait for the next few days when I think I'm gonna haul my buck, naked ass to Paradise Gay Beach and find me some man candy to seduce!
BTW my brand, new forum "THE TREASURE TRAIL" is taking off nicely with very hot real life, sexy man pics...(Check out the info and link to the previous post before this)
If you want to check it out go to the link, open a user name account (easy and free) and then apply for a permanent membership and your in for life! It's a private message board were members can post and view sexy man pictures of real life and Second Life as well as video of horny man beasts...

Here are some pics of my new abode and dancing at da Klub....

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Second Life Cornfield: The Legend...

The Corn Field is a region of mythological status where once naughty avatars were sent to think about what they had done. "The corn field" is a vast star-lit field of corn and was cut off from communication with the rest of the world (a reference to the classic Twilight Zone episode, "It's a Good Life").

It is located at the North-West tip of Orientation Island 1 and closed to the public. Perhaps one day the prison will be open for viewing?

Have you ever been sent to the Cornfield?

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Brand New STARSMITH Viewer!

Ooooh just look at it glisten! The new STARSMITH viewer for Second Life residents to log in and view the 3D universe like never before!
-Built in see-through clothing option let's you see through other avatars clothes
-Extra controls that extend and enhance your Xcite genitals that are breathtaking
- Jiggling Genies:You loved the bouncing boobs option, now we bring you the jiggling in awe as the male genitalia juggles, sways and bounces. Comes in 3 settings 1) shriveled peepster 2) Semi Pride and 3) Throbbing gigantic maximus
-A state-of-the-art radar system that filters out hotties on the grid and allows you to teleport directly to them
-Exquisitely designed seducer option that forces the hot avatar of your choice to submit to your every desire!
-The Linden option: Gives you 1,000 free Lindens every hour if you so choose this option!!!!
-A bitch-slap option which will replace orbiter huds overnight with it's built in ability to smack any offending avatar in the face that disagrees with you!
-The drug and alcohol enhanced option allows you to send a direct instant message to your SL drug dealer(s) of choice!
-Also just added: The botox option gives your avatar a nice subtle botox injection for those nagging crows feet and saggy dark circles under the eyes!
-Finally the best option yet: The STARSMITH invisibilty option that makes it completely impossible for you to be seen on radar or in the flesh, so you can hide, stalk and lurk near your friends and loved ones to see if they are talking about you or even be in the same room with them while they have sex!
Just imagine.......
Of coarse I am totally serious!
Download my new STARSMITH viewer here:


Tuesday, September 07, 2010

No I'm NOT Schizo...Well maybe just a little!

Sometimes I feel like a nut, sometimes I don't!
Sometimes I feel blond and sometimes I don't...
I like both looks so I am looking the way I feel at that particular moment!
Sometimes I'm blond sometimes I'm brunette LMFAO
Love it my little rabid kittens!!!

Monday, September 06, 2010

Jesse Belavidorico & Andrijiko Coveria Second Life Wedding

Sunday, September 5th, 2010, Larz Kas and myself were invited to the wedding of Jesse Belavidorico & Andrijiko Coveria.
There was a large turnout and the wedding went off famously! The party staging and set was all set up by Kharissa Indigo who did a spectacular job with an elven/fantasy theme which can be seen in my pictures below!
I have recently met and become friends with Jesse so it was honor to see our buddy get hitched!
Larz and myself discovered the champagne table afterwords and speaking only for myself, I drank way more than my limit and found myself deep in several saucy instant messages at the reception party held at the Engine Steampunk Club!
Although I was indeed pissed to the gills I surprised myself at how well behaved I was and never shouted out anything controversial or edgy or inappropriate.
My stiff, stuffy suit however constricted my morals and I found myself shirtless and perv camming before the party was over! I was throbbing in my pants from all the steamy, hot he-men rubbing their arms and chests against me in the hot, close quarters as we danced yet still I ended up going home alone and seed intact!
Am I loosing my mojo????? OH NO!