Friday, August 06, 2010

Second Life Can Kiss My Pixel Ass!

I finally fucking had it today with Second life!
I attempted to rezz clothing and objects only to get messages saying "Object missing from database"...all gone!
Attemt to change clothes....clothes gone!
Bought items did not get...
I am so sick of this shit I am no longer taking SL seriously and not spending any more significant cash on this "game"!
Second Life is meant as an escape and a fun place to play in but this past year I have become astounded at its downfall! When I first joined in 2007 it worked better (even on a bad computer!) It has gotten so bad with the silly new 2.0 viewer being forced on everyone and then my old blog post about how I sold my old land and was banned for refusing to pay tier on land I did not own anylonger etc etc...then lag being crippling almost daily! It has become a nightmare! Remember in the old days when the Lindens would send out drop downs informing us not to spend anything or rezz anything because of problems inworld? Now it's their "Fuck You" attitude thats gotten me to this point!
Today I sold my beach house and land and decided to just rent a beach house! Its not worth owning land anymore. I refuse to give the Lindens another dime!
I will not renew my yearly membership and for now on I will just go on SL to go to parties and use it when it works but the dream of Second Life has died for me!
When or if the Lindens ever decide to get things in order again then maybe just maybe I will consider shopping or spending cash on this "game" but for now it is nothing but a big rip off machine intended on getting unsuspecting people addicted to it then grabbing all the real cash from you as they can preying on your vanity to look good and live good!
Ya you think Im just bitching like we all do but not this time, the SL world has just gone too far downhill.
If SL ceased to exist at this point I don't think I would give 2 sweet shits!
Someone needs to come along and create a real virtual world to show this bastards how it should be done!


Anonymous said...

I, too, am quite over SL, though for different reasons. Mine being guilt/regret over all the cash - literally thousands of $$$s - I poured into it in the form of tier and just shopping for PIXEL CRRRRRRAP! That and just plain old boredom. Yeah. I was definitely an addict, but I refuse to hit rock bottom before quitting, so nowadays if I sign on more than once a month it's an event. The buzz just isn't that good any more..

Teleny Macarthur said...

Ziggy, I'll talk to you inworld, but I am mostly in agreement. I would recommend the new Emerald, though... less lag, and no "inventory not available" messages. Don't run off just yet, buddy!