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Saturday, August 14th, 2010- The last dance at the legendary IRONWORKS CLUB.
It was the last party before the new, fresh AGE OF IRON takes it's place but this was a very sad, emotional night as well as a hell of a celebration of the past 3 years that Ironworks/Warehouse Plaza has stood the tests of Linden time!
The first 2 hours was hosted by the equally fabulous and sexy Kharissa Indigo and DJ Wesley Spengler and I danced my ass off with some old and some new friends but as the night went on I began to realize all my history of this place!
I was first brought to Ironworks some time in 2007 by Paulec Decuir and Dextrum Boucher, Dazza Slade and Alexcub Hax as my very, first original incarnation when I was known as Rex Short. At that time as I remember, Ironworks was a platform in the middle of a field held up by scaffolding. I'm not sure if this was it's original spot or a temporary place while a new club was taking shape but I do clearly remember being with Paulec Decuir and Lathurblue as they showed me around the beginiings of what was to be the new Warehouse Plaza and Ironworks Club!
Paulec showed me some open water and said "this is where the club will be" and I thought what the fuck? Where???? Paulec held a few secret, private, pre-opening parties on the sim before the club was even built and I know I have the pictures somewhere on my hard drive but right now it's early Sunday morning with my cup of tea and I'm just too damn lazy to look for them to post!
As the night went on I also remembered when I killed off my av Rex and was reborn as Rhett Whybrow! I became partnered with Vanyel Gazov and experienced the legendary "After Hours" party's at Ironworks with Vanyel and DJ Queen Edman! This is when I had the most memories and so lo and behold I logged off dear old Ziggy and logged back on at the party as RHETT WHYBROW!
Rhett was born at Ironworks and so I knew he had to return from the grave to party hard at the Last Dance of Ironworks. I mean, those of you who remember the early days of Ironworks know all too well that the dance floor was held together by the spilled DNA of myself, Vanyel, Steve69 as well as countless others who christened the already filthy dance floor night after night!
As Rhett I wore my old, original favorite pair of denim jeans which could most likely walk by themselves and was pointed out to me how rancid they were by Host/Best Friend Larz Kas and DJ Queen Edman who hosted the second part of the night.
Larz said to me and I quote "Where do those stinking things come from and who do those filthy jeans belong to besides the trash man"...
As the party played on the place was being demolished before our very eyes and by the time the night ended and DJ Queen played the last song ever "Last Dance" by Donna Summer, there was nothing left but rubble, burning fires, a transparent dance floor and tears in our eyes...Rhett Wybrow died again for the last time buried somewhere in the rubble of the old Realasm store at Warehouse Plaza!
The Ironworks/Warehouse Plaza is now gone for good but coming September 11 and 12th, 2010 there will be the new AGE OF IRON in it's place and it will be time to create some new memories but god dammit they will never compare to the original, early days of the mighty, legendary Ironworks!!!!!!
Goodbye xxxxxxx (sniff)

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