Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emerald Viewer vs Lindens? Today is the Day

Supposedly today the people of the Emerald Viewer are having a meeting with the Lindens (Oz Linden) and by the end of the today we will hopefully know the outcome and decision whether or not there will be a future for the Emerald Viewer or we have no choice but to start using the official SL 2.0 viewer or other third party viewers!
I got a preview download last night of a brand, new 'clean" version of the Beta Emerald Viewer which was just released last night and it is the best yet, almost instant rezzing (even in crowded laggy malls) and improvements on many standard, exclusive Emerald features which I have grown to love!

The download for the new 2573 beta for windows is here:

If Emerald stays and works out the drama with Linden Labs I strongly suggest you try this new version (remember however it is still Beta)because it is fantastic so far!

It also has a new feature to allow you to deny or accept friend requests and inventory offers without showing the sender your decision!

As in previous blog posts I have ranted in I did try the majority of the other viewers and if Emerald becomes no more I am giving in and forcing myself to use
Kirstens Viewer

Kirstens Viewer is a hybrid viewer containing the layout, features and options of the official SL 2.0 viewer combined with the regular look and features of the standard old SL/Emerald viewer.
I did try it and figured it all out within 30 minutes. It had radar built in (but does not tell you the distance they are at)BUT it has my mandatory TATTOO LAYER which I need for my complex custom tattoo setup etc.
What I will miss the most from Emerald though is the secondary attachment option which allows you to wear 2 things on 1 attachment point which no other viewer has!
I tried the 2nd most popular third party viewer IMPRUDENCE but it had no voice at all and no 2nd attachment points. The radar is built into the minimap but only worked when the minmap is open on the screen!
Kirstens Viewer gave me the fastest rezz time next to Emerald.
My fingers are crossed but it seems right now a 50/50 chance for Emerald and hopefully today it will come to a head and we will know one way or another!
Good luck Emerald, we love you and will miss you despite the drama and bullshit you caused which was self induced! No I don't trust the Emerald people but their viewer makes my SL experience so much better that I am willing to take a chance!
See you on the other side!


LL requirements for Emerald

Yesterday, the Emerald Development team received a large list of requirements and conditions from LL. Today we met with LL and reviewed all of those conditions for clarification. At this point, I can safely say that we fully intend to address and fulfill ALL of them as soon as we possibly can. We have been asked not to disclose the requirements at this time.

Although some of these conditions will be very difficult, we feel they are reasonable considering recent events. Due to that difficulty however, some will take more time than others to fulfill. It is a big list of things that we need to do and we will be providing LL with a time frame on each individual item by Friday. Once we have completed these items to the full satisfaction of Linden Lab, we intend to re-apply for the TPVD.

We feel it is important during this time to inform everyone that although Linden Lab has encouraged the use of other viewers, the use of the Emerald viewer is still a decision that is yours to make. Emerald will not be blocked unless we fail to fulfill our requirements in the time allotted.

Linden Lab has told us that they want us to stop using the emkdu.dll or llkdu.dll files because they are not compliant with the GPL. For those wondering what KDU is, it’s a closed source image decoding library which provides a significant speed improvement over the open source alternative. However, since LL wishes us not to use it, I would like to take a step in that direction as a show of faith to the Lab right now. I will ask our users to go into your Emerald install directory while you are not logged into the viewer and delete the file named emkdu.dll. The viewer will continue to function correctly however it will be slower. This is only a request from us and not a requirement. Our next release will not include this file.

In the coming days, some of the older versions of Emerald Viewer may be blocked from logging in at our request, this however will not happen until updated versions are made available on our website.

I would also like to extend a sincere apology to our users for all the confusion over the last few days. It has been a very difficult week for us but we expect things should start too quiet down now.

So in closing, I will reiterate, Emerald Dev Team intends to fully comply with the conditions set out before us by Linden Lab, and we plan to do so within the shortest time frame possible. Use of the Emerald viewer is still your choice and Emerald is not a malicious viewer.

Sincerely, Jessica Lyon


5th Tower said...

Good info for those of us not sure what we would do if Emerald weren't an option.
Thanks Ziggy!


Your very welcome buddy!