Monday, August 23, 2010

Absolute Viewer Drama and Total Bullshit....Emerald or Bust

This is reposted here from the official Emerald/Modular Systems Blog:
I feel safe enough and love Emerald Viewer enough to take their word...

Emerald and the TPVD

As many of you have heard, Emerald was removed from the TPVD yesterday. This removal was a result of recent actions by former Dev member Fractured Crystal. Fractured resigned from the team due to those actions and Emerald Dev Team has undergone a massive restructuring. We will be re-applying for the TPVD very soon, however there are some rumors and fears I think need to be addressed.

Many people have heard that Emerald is banned or that users will be banned for using the Emerald Viewer. This is completely untrue.

Linden Lab’s Third Party Viewer Directory is optional for third party viewers to apply for and join. It is not a requirement to be on the directory. What is a requirement however is that third party viewers respect the Third Party Viewer Policy With the exception of the actions of Fractured recently, Emerald has always respected that policy and will continue to do so.

While Emerald is not on the TPVD you can rest assured that this does not mean Emerald will be banned or blocked by LL, and you will certainly NOT be banned for using emerald.

Sincerely, Jessica Lyon

I am so nuts right now with all this Second Life viewer bullshit! What a fucking mess!
I was on the latest Emerald beta viewer that was no longer available but besides the occasional crash I loved it. It had tattoo layers, multiple, much needed attachment points and a nice built in sim-wide radar! With the latest drama with the Modular Systems/Emerald viewer I got fed up, panicked and deleted all Emerald from my computer!
I then downloaded Cool Viewer to try but alas, it would not install, looked everywhere and it was not on my comuter-HATED IT!
Next up I tried the Imprudence Viewer. Wow liked it however the radar was not good and i needed an extra lag inducing radar hud. It had the tattoo layer which is mandatory for me with my custom Ziggy tattoo but it had no multiple attachment points so my excite stuff and slwim stuff never attached.
I gave in and decided to just put up with the new SL 2.0 viewer and same thing! My nipple rings were around my feet, no Slwim and once again I was so dumbfounded and frustrated by the controls that I could not handle it anylonger!
In a blind fit of rage epilepsy I deleted and uninstalled EVERYTHING!
Start again....
I might as well use Emerald and be damned if they do anything unscrupulous! I don't give a fuck anymore! If Emerald is not allowed by Second Life and I get banned unexpectedly for using a viewer that they once endorsed but stopped while giving the general SL population no official notice then I give up on Second Life. Just too much drama and bullshit combined with inworld lag, inventory loss and griefers...
So (oh kids, it's not over yet!)....
I went to the Emerald website to download any version of the Emerald Viewer I could find and lo and behold my ass gets totally dry fucked as I click on download and get a white page saying "Something Bad Happened"! No Emerald??? Is it gone?????
My only recourse was to reinstall the Imprudence viewer and just make do!
My nipple rings are around my ankles so I removed them and manually moved my tits to my chest area. My Slwim is non usable because I refuse to change my attachment points around until I know whats happening with my beloved Emerald viewer and all it's wonderful features!
So in retrospect, I have fucking had it! I am barebones on SL until things get sorted out. Wearing clothing you can loose it from your database...your attachments won't attach....and finally since the fun is gone for me on SL as of right now then this blog will be on hiatus for the time being until something fucking good happens involving Second Life! Since 2007 I have just seen it go downhill on the Lindens side of things making things more infuriating than pleasurable!
Second Life is meant for fantasy and fun were your dreams can come true but in the past year and a half it has become MORE stressful and aggravating than REAL LIFE!

A friend pointed out to me a way to find an archive page of the 2nd to last download page of the Beta Emerald Viewer and I got it back! I have everything back to the way it was! Thank fuck!
Now it's Emerald viewer or bust, Lindens if you ban me for using Emerald then FUCK YOU however since it looks like 90% of the users still use Emerald your little virtual world may become a fucking ghost town so maybe you need to take a breath and deal with it...


message from Philip Linden

"Late last week, we discovered a denial-of-service attack that was being served through the widely distributed Emerald third-party viewer. This is in direct violation of our third-party viewer policy (part 2, section d, paragraph iii).

We have removed Emerald from the list of third-party viewers, and are now in touch with the Emerald team to discuss what can happen next. We did this to do our best to protect the safety and security of Second Life users. We will not tolerate a viewer that includes malicious code, nor will we tolerate development teams with a history of violating users’ trust or disrupting their lives.

We take privacy, safety, and security very seriously, and we will act to the best of our abilities to protect it. We have not yet disabled logins via the Emerald viewer, but will do so if we feel the software and the team behind it is not able to meet the standards we’ve set. While Emerald is currently the focus of our attention because of what happened recently, all third-party viewers are held to the same standard, and must comply with the third-party viewer policy.

Now a message from SL itself recommending we do not use Emerald Viewer...
Well for reasons all stated above I WILL KEEP ON USING EMERALD until it or myself are banned! I have every confidence that it will be sorted out this week and all will be fine but I LOVE and NEED the features that only the Emerald Viewer has and if this is taken away from me I do not care to return to Second Life!
Once again I repeat myself..I come here for FUN not BULLSHIT and my love of the features outweighs any shenanigans that Emerald staff may have done! I don't care!
So EMERALD OR BUST for me....


Teleny Macarthur said...

Here is what my research has shown, Ziggy.... A: Emerald pulled itself off the approved list.
B: Emerald has completely broken with Modular Systems over the BS and so on.
C: Emerald is coming back, under basically the same format, but with the "old" way of programming, decentralized, with the departments working together, and no ONE single person able to mess it up again.
This link has an explaination:
I am still using 2270, until the new and improved Emerald (both team and viewer!) come out. Good luck!


Thank sweet fuck!

DJ InsyX said...

I like emerald sometimes. But I still love the plain 1.23 viewer (tho I really loved release candidate more), But yeah when I can't use 1.23 no more then I will use emerald. I just find 1.23 faster and more stable than any of the viewers out there...Emerald comes in a close 2nd on my list so yay :)

Eddi Haskell said...

I am sure Emerald will be back on the approved list soon.

I doubt if anyone using it right now will have anything happen to them. There are simply way too many people affected.

But what concerns me is that Mudular datamined information to discover who was using alt accounts, map users using IP addresses, and then used that information, apparently, to harass someone inworld "as a joke". Also, this information was made available to others at Modular labs. This was reported in Second Life examiner today. If you have an alt and have used Emerald, there is a good chance several people know exactly who your alts are.

Also, the denial of service usage is horrendous- planting code in a viewer to shut down the web site of someone not liked.

Emerald still is the best as far as I am concerned. Especially for photography. But I am going to go ahead with what Second Life recommends -- even it is a lesson to others not to do something as egregious as was one by Modular Labs.


I just got the new beta version of Emerald with all bad code removed etc with great newer features! This new beta should be out by tomorrow on the new website:

The download for the new 2573 beta for windows is here:

Lex Luthor said...

Emerald was an alright viewer, but if you want something really that is really top notch then go to and get the SL Pop Viewer! Best user oriented viewer with a 5 star rating. You’ll be VERY happy with it, and you’ll never have to worry about slow logins and load times again..