Thursday, July 08, 2010

What's Old Is New Again...My New House

When I was Rhett Whybrow I had this nice big, beach house with 2 living rooms, 3 bedrooms and kitchen etc and when I reincarnated at Ziggy and bought a plot of land on the beach I scaled down to a small, tiny beach house with just 2 rooms. I began missing the extra detail and space of the bigger house so I decided to log in as the old whore known as Rhett and rezzed my old, big beach house. I missed it so bad and was so happy to have moved back into it that I nearly peed in my pants and decided to ramble on here about it!
Now I have room for all my um (cough) dungeon equipment which I plan on testing out in the very, near future with a very sexy new friend whom I recently met while going for a walk on Thunder Island whose initials are C.C. ;-)
Oh behave...this bitch is in heat again literally and no I am not referring to this fucking heat wave some of us are currently suffering in real life! I have been spending all my home time completely naked and even answered the door to a very, hot pizza delivery guy the other day. Mind you I hid my lower half behind the door but silly me, I dropped all the loose change and had to bend down to pick it up and the whole hiding behind the door thing went straight to hell! Pizza dude went pale and murmured something and fled....nothing at all like the sexy scenario's you often see in those cliche porno's!!!


Teleny Macarthur said...

ROFL@ "the sexy pizza dude"thing.... does that mean that Divine has "it" and you don't? *snickers* Naw, just kiddin' ya.... hers WAS a dream sequence after all, and reality so rarely lives up to "those kinds" of fantasies....
As for the dungeon equipment... I mean the house.... I miss my big old dreary Keep sometimes, even though it was primmy as hell, and very expensive to maintain. (NOT to mention that the rooms were tiny, which meant that perv camming the action from different angles was a PITA! HA!) Someday, maybe I'll set it all up again, and we'll compare... um.... our tastes in decorating..... *giggles*. Catch ya soon.... have fun testing those poseballs to see if the scripts still work! LOL!


Oh all my poseballs have been well tested, lubed and maintained and if anything they may get worn out from over use!