Thursday, July 29, 2010

Clubs, Parties, Sex and Drugs....

It seems lately that I work so much strange shift work hours in real life that I never have a constant schedule! I find myself never having enough time to do what I would like to do in Second Life.
Parties and clubs: I get so many invites and TP offers from friends who all have their own happenings (usually all going on at the same time) and it is getting so damn hard to choose which ones to attend! Trust me buddies, I want to come to all your DJ gigs and all your club parties but I am only one avatar. Please do not take offense if you have a party or a gig and I am online but do not attend! Usually I am already at one party and have made plans to attend another afterward and there is no way to "bar hop" to each one without burning my avatars candles at both ends!
I really try and spread myself around to various different parties but my real life combined with my obligations to my buddy, Larz Kas's hosting gigs make it a very structured daily schedule!
My dream if I had a regular real life and Second Life schedule would be to help host at some of your clubs and my fantasy would be to be a DJ at all your clubs but my time is far too erratic to pull it off!
Eventually I will make to all the different clubs I want to attend so please be patient and again, please don't take offense when I'm online and not there!
Another issue...tipping!!!!
I literally went through 2000 L in one night, tipping every DJ, host and stripper of each of the clubs I visited! Since I do not work on SL my Lindens are valuable and I too have tier to pay and store rent to shell out so again, please don't take it as a personal slap in the face if or when I don't tip you! I tip when I can but lately it has become far too costly! It's not personal, I'm just broke, especially if I spent the day shopping with Larz and wasted a million Lindens on clothes which may never be unpacked or worn only to vanish into my inventory closet, never to be seen again!!!
Sex and Drugs...
I like to make wild references to sex and drugs and being drunk and stoned on Second Life but it is all fantasy and part of my imagination! In real life I have been clean and sober since 1993 but on Second Life I treat being stoned and drunk as "sick" humor! I will not lie when I say that back in the day, yes on occasion I truly have snorted cocaine off the pink, virgin, bare ass of a hot, little fucker or a huge, man beasts tits! I used to walk down the street, day and night with a large coke a cola bottle half filled with rum and half with coke (the pop)!
I have at times woken up in a dew soaked vacant lot covered in cobwebs after an all nighter with buddies and I have found myself in someones bed, naked with no recollection of who the hot, naked fucker is laying next to me with cock in the air and red swollen nipples hehehe...
The sex I do have very often on SL and yes I do not wear condoms on Second Life hehehehe...
Also sweetie, not only is that not my baby but I have never seen you before in my life!!! ;-)

This coming Tuesday, August 3rd there just MIGHT be a massive house party at Larz and my beach house! It MIGHT be for someone special who MIGHT not yet know about it..SHHHHHHHHHHHHHH
Yes you are invited and if it happens it will be posted here the day of the party with details and land mark etc....

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