Sunday, June 13, 2010


Remember the 1980's? Before we had Facebook, Myspace, Twitter, internet, Blackberries, cellphones or Second Life?

Then: We walked down the street in the warm sunshine in nice weather looking at the world all around us!
Now: We stare at our electronic devices as we charge down the street crashing into mailboxes, phone poles and people and taking out everything else in our path!

Then: We gathered together in groups and listened to music and socialized. We bought a new album and lay on our bed reading every detail of the album cover and enjoyed the sometimes extravagant artwork of the imaginative album covers!
Now: We cut out the world with our MP3 players and our eccentric avant guard tastes in music. Music has become very singular! We stare at the wall or our blackberries because the music is MP3 and sounds sterile with no artwork to speak of!

Then: We were still in the closet and secretly cruised bath houses, seedy parks and bars and maybe got lucky if it was a good day!
Now: We watch with HD breathtaking clarity as men arched backwards over their computer chairs via webcams bring themselves to orgasm as we click our buttons!

Then: We called a phone sex line hoping for some action and praying that the person on the other end would meet with you and not turn out to be a fat, mustached, housewife!
Now: We have virtual sex with sexy man Gods on Second Life that could not even be imagined back in the day! Breathtaking Tom Of Finland looking avatars hanging limp and spent from Xcite or Hubs crosses made of virtual wood and equipped with pose balls and animations that could make a pretzel drool with lust!

Then: We were lucky enough to maybe get a sloppy hand job under a blanket before someone caught us and made us feel like dirty, perverts!
Now: We indulge in several, hard core perversions at once via webcams while the world watches...

What do you remember?

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Teleny Macarthur said...

Then: You went to a Grateful Dead concert, and felt left out if you DIDN'T catch the toke being passed down the line, (usually from both directions!)
Now: You wouldn't dream of taking a hit of ANYTHING that some stranger handed you, because the Goddess only knows what they've laced that shit with!
Then: You had sex. Period. Just sex.... hot, sweaty, indiscriminate sex. With dudes that you just met an hour before closing time at the bar.
Now: You ask for background checks, HIV+ reports, family histories, "Have you ever stalked anyone?", etc. (Yeah< I'm a BIT older than you, Ziggy...LOL!)
Then: Cars were CARS! 1975 Pontiac Catalina, 400 Big block, 4 barrel carb.... cruising speed on interstate app. 105 mph. Average MPG: 12 Seated fifteen is SQUEEZED in to the drive in movies.
Now: Cars are plastic wind up toys, meant to be disposed of in two years, that my stereo wouldn't fit in.
Then: Drive in movies. More sex.
Now: Netflix. NOT the same.
Then: Given spatial differences, this exchange of wonderful memories taking 10-12 days via the US Postal service.
Now: Answering this post, almost immediately!

Thanks for the walk down memory lane, Ziggy! LOL! Great post!