Friday, June 18, 2010


I just got off work from the night shift in my cursed real life and was getting itchy down below and knew the place to go to dance and perv cam sexy men was the weekly Friday AUSSIE BOYS club with DJ Insyx and host Alexcub...
I will always have a fond spot in my heart for Aussieboys as well as Alexcub, Dazza and Insyx because it was the very first place I landed on day 1 as a nooby (Rex Short) on November 25th, 2007 and I was immediately befriended. I remember I had no clue what I was doing fresh from Help island and found myself stuck in a corner of 2 building unable to get out. I did not even know how to use the controls to walk!
I heard a voice from behind me and it was Aussiboys owner Dazza and he immediately helped me learn the ropes. Dazza and Alex as well as DJ's Insyx and Dextrum Boucher and then co-owner of Ironworks, Paulec Decuir surrounded me at Aussieboys with friendship and taught me everything I ever needed to know. Dazza taught me how to resize clothing, how to get a decent looking skin. Paulec forced me to get an AO before he could be seen with me (lol Moose xx)and Alex taught me the joys of a panic attack when I accidentally deleted the walls of my freshly rented skybox over Aussieboys (my very first home)!
Later down the road I was married to Dazza and for a short period of time I was one of the co-owners of Aussieboys which made me the proudest avatar on Second Life!!!!
So in a way Aussieboys was my place of birth and I consider Dazza, Alex, Insyx, Dextrum and Paulec to be my "parents" hehe and my family on Second Life and even though we sometimes all drift apart, we will always be that original family!
I love you guys and I love Aussiboys!

BLAST FROM THE PAST: NOVEMBER 25th, 2007 - Me as a nooby named Rex Short dancing at the old, original Aussiboys Club on my first day on Second Life. I am the ugly thing with the triangle shaped mohawk and the white, Aussieboys T shirt on....
(I may be brave enough to post more nooby pics in upcoming blog posts)

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