Saturday, June 05, 2010

Second Pride A Second Look

Well I have to work this weekend so my partying is on hold for a week and so last night was my last official Second Pride parties!
I have to look back and say my first blog entry from a few days ago calling Pride Boring was a mistake because I admit I had a great time after all and looking at everything carefully I must say it was done well despite the hiccups and it was a major success! It seems the problems of lag I had that day were just that day and must have been chalked up to the Lindens hehe. The rest of the days were fine and somewhat lag free for me! (Maybe due to the fact that I was not cruising and wearing my scripty cocks, nips, asses, huds and other such saucy lag inducing objects! ;-)
I danced at some fabulous venues in some fantastic settings, I saw QUEEN live as well as BEYONCE....both extremely well done and fabulous productions!
Now as I slowly stumble back into my real life for the next 7 days of working for a living I will day dream of all the fun and experiences I had for this Second Pride 1010...thanx to all those involved, Excellent work!

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DJ InsyX said...

Get back from workie work now...I be missing my sexy ziggy at my parties lol