Wednesday, June 02, 2010

Pride? Booooring!!!!

I know this balls to the wall post here may make a few eyebrows frown and may cause a few raised eyebrows as well but honesty is my best policy!
I am just not liking this Second Life Pride's why...
I miss partying at my favorite clubs with my friends with my fav DJ's and this Pride thing is all over the place. The lag is horrific and when my chims, huddles and AO's won't work in the lagging sim it only frustrates me and makes me want to leave!
Nobody seems to be getting into it much with very little chat going on and very little gesture enthusiasm going on. In short it is fucking boring!
I did not attend the "barge" parade event this past weekend because I had to work and from what I heard I am glad I was not there to be even more frustrated. Apparently Second Life and the lag was so bad that all the stuff and people kept sinking into the ground and after a few hours the whole event got canceled. All the hard work and imagination that it took to create all this was a massive waste of time!
I have bitched about it before and I will bitch about it again but what the majority of us want is A SIMPLE DANCE CLUB with no themes, costumes, drag shows and sets that cause tremendous lag, huge amount of Lindens to get all dressed up with etc etc...
We want a place to go as we are, with good music, simple surroundings no elaborate contests, dress codes and WE WANT SEXY MASCULINE MEN AROUND US DANCING! No drag shows, no men in dresses and no bullshit!
My ideal club and period of time in Second Life history (as well as most successful in terms of crowds) was in the heyday of Aussieboys, Ironworks (when my buddy Paulec Decuir was running the show) and the legendary Fat Tigers (God I miss Fat Tigers) as well as the 2 clubs Aqua and Impulse which still hold true to their roots and still are crowded every night and successful...I enjoy the simpleness of Club Blu and Backdoor Club etc. Places were gay men want to dance and chat with other masculine gay men in simple jeans, leather and T shirts or no shirts with no big hoopla.
Pride to me is boring and although I will try to attend the party's there still I will not enjoy it as much and will wait with baited breath for the return of the regular club schedules next week!


SpAnKi said...

Kinda with you on most of this. Second Pride is an important event and supports great causes, and I'm checkin out my fave DJ's and joining in there, but yes, I miss my regular parties too, and it was a real shame that the lag killed the barge parade. Lag kills everything. I did wonder how they were gonna do it considering the always problem of lag, I guess they couldn't in the end.
The only bit I'm not totally with you on is the last bit of your entry, I think some guys dig drag, costumes, themes etc. Sometimes I take part in theme parties, if it's somethin that appeals to me, and while I'm personally not into Xdress or camping it up, it's still a fun element of our community and many guys appreciate the freedom to express themselves this way, to be themselves in SL and do whatever comes naturally. For me, freedom is the key word. IMO as long as the SL gay scene caters for every kind of taste then it will remain awesome, diverse and fun, and hopefully ensure that everyone who wants to can find a place or two to 'fit in', which is important considering that many gay men in SL find that more difficult to do in RL, which is why they come to SL. Just my random thoughts :)

Teleny Macarthur said...

While both of you make very valid points, there is one other factor that needs to be considered. Many of us on SL have, for one reason or another, limited contact with other members of the LGBT community. Never having had a chance to go to a RL Pride festival, many years because of work, or location, now because of being my mother's caretaker, and for finacial reasons, I am thoroughly enjoying being around so many members of "our" community from many countries. Just experiencing the sheer diversity of "our" culture, so to speak. Just sayin'!


Thanks for the feedback guys. Maybe I should clear up one point I was not making clear I guess.
I have nothing against drag queens and drag but just talking about certain clubs that have these stage plays/performances which feature men in dresses. Its cool on occasion but a weekly or biweekly event of the same old thing is boring. Guys and gals want to dance not stand around watching avatars mime to songs!
I find anytype of lip syncing to be absolute crap and is non talented. Now if a drag queen gets on stage and actually tries to sing as well as a popular pop performer actually singing is that's were it's at!
Lip syncing kills real muscians...

Aquariastrus Jolles said...

There are several things I'm still trying to understand about the SL gay community. First, why everything has to keep changing. In RL when I go to my favorite clubs, they ALWAYS look the same. Consistency would be nice. Second, when I first got on SL, I found AquaBlu club wherever it was located and had the best times there. No lag. People constantly used gestures and talked. Gay World had a simple place and I came to love it - The Main Club - then everything started to change. Which leads me to the 3rd and final thing that makes me scratch my head and go hmmmm... if you want us to tip the dancers, have a good time and tip also tip the DJ's... why are you askin us to spend money on costumes. I enjoy being around others from my community, but I'm less inclined to tip better if I had to buy a freaking outfit I just might never wear again. I left SL for a year because of those 3 reasons. There has to be a general understanding by people who own sims that 1. we get emotionally invested in our favorite places - change it and you might go from 20+ people to five. 2. stop trying to outdo each other. In rl, I stopped at my favorite bar for some refreshment and it was empty and not decorated at all. 3. if you want us to tip more, then maybe theme parties aren't such a good idea. An occasional *rare* party maybe but having to constantly buy stuff like mardi gras, uniforms, star trek outfits... whatever... fills up my inventory and wastes my L's. In other words - Keep it simple.


I completely agree with everything you say buddy!

DJ InsyX said...

At AquA Lounge I do a theme party once a week and it usually deals with something people already have in thier inventory. I have never ever made anyone go out of thier way to but something expensive just to enter a contest or party. The costumes is simple and to the party-goers imagination...ALSO if you do not have a costume for said theme...that never stops people from coming to AquA. The sploder is always on you win every time that you do not even have to join the contest to have a great time. You have options.

Speaking of options, you have options at Second Pride. There is a bit of everything for everyone. If you are not into wild theme parties, drag shows, plays, comedy, lip synching, etc....Then head to the DJ area in Rhodium. It is simple no nonsense just the DJ and some people chillin and dancing, which is what some points were made about. I guess I take the DJ area seriously since I busted my back for 2 months getting all the schedules and crap together and losing sleep managing all of them LOL.

If you can't dance on ytour hud int hat area, it is not lag but we have scripts off. Just ask any staff memeber for a group invite to second pride festival group. I know this may suck to some people but if you get tons of Gays in one area, then the knucklehead fuckin griefers comes out and ruins the fun. I know cause we have had 3 in the beginning of the festival at the Dj area. So we turned scripts off and only allowed by the group, thus people's chims, huddles, etc will not work unless they are in the group.

Anyways, You all have some valid points but remember like SL on normal times SL at pride is just the same. you have choices and there is something for everyone. Huggies and now I shall continue perving at Sexy Ziggy. :)