Friday, June 04, 2010

Beyonce Live At Second Pride- June 4 2010

What a show! We were treated to a Second Life Live performance by Beyonce at Second Pride tonight with a bombastic stage show and 60 plus crowd in attendance!
There was a moment when a small round section of the stage came out into the audience where Beyonce came out and sang on but there were a few guys partying on the stage. A very rude individual ( Willilicious Georgette) began yelling and cursing at the crowd telling everyone to get off the fucking stage or be ejected! It was uncalled for and rude beyond rude and all that was needed was maybe a polite message or even a drop down asking people to please get off the stage but instead this individual began right off the bat with threatening and cursing! I assume this buffoon worked for Second pride but he should be fired for yelling in caps constantly to the crowd that "I don't care who you fucking are, get off the fucking stage or be ejected"...this clown put a temporary downer on the show! I don't give a sweet shit or a fuck who Willilicious Georgette is but his ego is beyond belief! Next time dude calm the fuck down and try asking people politely to move off the stage before you threaten and curse at folks!
No one stops our party so we ignored this outburst and had a great night!
All the hits and more....11 out of 10 Zig points!

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