Monday, May 10, 2010

Zim Gunsberg Naked House Party

Sunday afternoon I had came home after working a real life, 12 hour night shift and I was totally exhausted! I logged on to Second Life to swim and relax before going to bed but I got an incoming disturbance (an Emerald Viewer Instant Message) from my buddy Zim Gunsberg who wanted to know if I wanted to come dance at a naked dance party at his house!
Do you really think I would refuse such a hawt invitation?
Zim sent me a Second Life Limousine that had a fully stocked bar in the back and I was whisked away to a naked party filled with hot, sexy men, all totally naked and dancing! There was a hot little guy there dancing named Sean and I had my camera aimed on him for quite some time....I wish I had pictures to post but getting everybody to sign release forms exposing their hard, swollen X4's to the leering public might prove to be difficult and ruin all the fun but believe me every man there was HOT!!!!! (Zig pauses and sighs)
Reality set in after about an hour and a half as my eyelids began closing on their own free will and I had no choice to succumb to their desires and I regretfully had to leave and log off and get some sleep!
Zim has a really nice house and the setting was excellent and so for Zim's Naked Party I give 10 out of 10 Zig points, 2 quick bitch snaps and a puckered kiss lip pout and a hip swivel.....
Oh so many party's and so little time!

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