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Saturday, May 01, 2010

OMG another cool club! Some one needs to hold an Intervention on my ass!

SLURL: http://slurl.com/secondlife/BOYSTOWN/219/49/30

Well I woke up this morning, naked again as usual but sober and ready for a weekend of club hopping and fun, fun, fun!
I went for an innocent stroll down Paradise Gay Beach at sunrise and accidentally tripped over this beautiful mans cock and was smitten! We had the best sex I ever had (well in the past 24 hours) and I look forward to seeing him again...
Hi Allesandro ;-)

Later Larz and myself teleported to the new WEEK END NIGHT CLUB over at BOYSTOWN!
Afters we jet setted by Teleport Airlines to a huge fabulous cruise ship at the GOLDEN GATE BRIDGE which was some sort of Gay Pride thing which I have no clue about because frankly I was two shits to the wind when I arrived and the lag was ball breaking and all I could muster was to prance, dance and take a chance!
As usual the men in attendance were hot and I watched hot little Regi shake his ass for awhile before my vision went blurry from too much X
Remember this advice.... you can't keep a good hound dog off your leg! ;_)
See ya babies, party on!

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