Friday, April 16, 2010

Ziggy's Sordid Past...

Most of my close friends already know but I decided to make it official...
The above pictard is my old avatar/Second Life character when I was known as Rhett Whybrow!

I was originally born on Second Life on November 25th, 2007 as a character named REX SHORT and although I DO have pics of him, I refuse to post them because he was just too fucking noob ugly....Rex was partnered with Dazza12 Slade at one point!

In June 2008 I killed REX and deleted his account and became RHETT WHYBROW!

I always hated the name Rhett Whybrow because I was always called Wet Eyebrow and I only chose that name in a hurray one night when indulging in too much ganja!
I also had an alt at the time named MANNY STEAMPUNK but he is banned now from Second Life for very bad behavior!
Rhett was a whore for husbands and was partnered with Vanyel Gazov, Larz Kas and Ryuu Hoisan at various times.
In the beginning Rhett was actually a forest elf with pointed ears.
Anyways after some land issues with the Lindens (see earlier blog posts) I killed Rhett and became ZIGGY STARSMITH, the name I had always originally wanted but it was not available before....
Anyways no more alts or changes because I am very very happy being ZIGGY (all my avs rolled into one)...if I had to pin it down I would say that Ziggy is more my old Rex Short persona!
Do you want me to post a real life pic?????
If you see me inworld say "Hey" but don't ask me for Teh Money or I will be forced to fart in your general direction and take away your shrubbery....

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