Sunday, April 11, 2010

tHe DaRk SiDe

They say that everybody has a dark side to their personality!
Some folks are dark in an innocent and naughty sort of way while others can be horrific and evil such as a serial killer! I often thought that it would be fun to be a serial killer on Second Life and in fact I do have a list of juicy victims upon which I could call upon if my desires were ever to manifest hehe....
I must confess that my dark side is not really as evil as that but I do get a big kick out of seeing people get hurt as long as they are not badly injured.
Just the sight of people falling on ice, supermodels tripping and hurtling down stairs or over the edge of the catwalk can leave me in gut wrenching tears and hysterics as I can't help myself and laugh loudly and proudly as their misfortune!
Slap stick comedy and sight gags are always my favorite and hidden camera shows that make fools of unsuspecting people make me roar with pleasure....
Do not get me started when it comes to exposing the stupidity of valley girls or dumb, blond, bimbo's and bimbettes!
What is your dark side? Go ahead and confess...what's the matter? Are you afraid????

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