Friday, April 02, 2010

Prettiest Cop On The Block

Party tonight at Club Shampoo and the sirens wailed as well as all the hot cops in attendance for the Hottest Cop On The Block party hosted by my sexy buddy LARZ KAS and incredible as usual, DJ QUEEN EDMUND!
I had a great time arresting and strip searching sexy peeps but there were 2 complete assholes in attendance who are not important enough to be named but one directly insulted me in open chat and the other in instant message that attacked me about something I have in my profile! I threw my drink in both their faces and partied on because No one stops my party!
Sometimes one forgets what incredible arseholes often hide behind the anonymity of the internet and Second Life!
Kharissa Indigo was very hot in her orificer uniform and hot little Damiax Thor made me blow my whistle repeatedly!
I also officially began to date LARZ KAS on Second man!
This party was 9 out of 10 Zig points only spoiled by those 2 tapeworms that fucked with me...Party on!

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