Sunday, April 18, 2010

Famous and Ferocious: An Interview with DJ Dextrum Boucher

1)Hiya Dex, thank you for the interview. The first time I ever heard you play was at Aussieboys back in November 2007 and you blew me away.
You were loud, energized, flamboyant in a good way and never let up with the great, cutting edge tunes. What was your very first DJ gig that you played and were you nervous (hehe)?

It is interesting that you ask. I have been DJing here for a long time time now. When I started it was before the "megaclubs." Most of the time it was smaller venues, and we were all just having a good time. The first time I did any form of a set was at Manifesto and it was purely for fun. My first major sets were at a club called Probe.

2)If I am correct I think you have played at every damn club in Second Life but is there one place that you have never played at that would be your dream gig?

I think every is an overstatement (laughs), I have been to alot of clubs. I tend to try to spread myself around to different crowds and share my music with different types of people. I think I like to see how different crowds react. My dream gig at this point after playing most of the major gay clubs would be something new maybe, a new type of crowd to work.

3)I understand that you sometimes mix your own versions of tunes in your set lists. What do you like to add to a song to mark it with your own stamp?

I tend to like a good solid bass line and emphasis on the vocals.

4) Have you ever DJ'd in your real life and if so what was it like?

I have been a DJ for many years in real life. To be honest it is very different in SL. In real life you simply have to show up and mix a good set. It is all very much about technical skill. In SL you have to have technical ability as well as star power and personality and maybe a bit of soul to set you apart from the rest. It is all about putting on a bigger and better show that the next person.

5)You also own and create the fantastic PILLOW BITERS beds and accessories. I myself have never seen better beds in Second Life and I use no others whenever I have the choice!
What made you decide to create the products and how come you are so fucking good at it ;-)

I wanted to make a line of bed I would want to fuck on myself, gay beds with quality animations and good style were lacking from the market.

6)Are you ever going to consider making your beds have options for threesomes, foursomes or more?

I am considering it though the projects keeps getting put off. I am such a procrastinator. Maybe someday...

7)What are your current top 10 favorite songs and your current top ten CD's? What is your very favorite musical genre?

This is a hard question for me. I am so bad at putting together lists. I am a typical gemini and it seems to change every ten minutes. All I can say is keep listening. As for my favorite genre, it varies by mood. I love all sorts from classical and jazz to electronic to metal. You cant get by in this business and not love music. When it comes to my favorite to spin, I have to say classic house, a good solid bass line and a fat diva tearing up the vocal.

8)I am a former pro musician and if we were to form a live band what instrument would you like to play? hehe

I used to play in a small band locally. I did lead vocals.

9)From a personal standpoint, we have been good buddies on Second Life for almost 3 years now! Now please be honest and tell me the one thing about me that you hated? lol-no offense will be taken, no matter what!
We both know what I am talking about when I say that you had basically saved my life about a year and a half ago and I will always be in debt to you for that!

I both love and hate your stubbornness.

10)What are your opinions on the new Second Life Viewer 2 and have you tried it yet?

I tried it briefly. I think it has a long way to go. I love the sidebar styling and such. But the communication window is really more confusing that it should be.

11)If Second Life ceased to exist what do you ever foresee yourself doing?

I would simply have to move on to the next online world, though it would be with great sadness.

12)You have been referred to on occasion as "Sexy Dexy" (lol ;-)-What do you think of that?

I often get a laugh out of it. When I first heard it I though it was a bit silly, but now I would probably answer to it when walking down the street in real life.

13)What are your future plans personally as well as a DJ and creator of the Pillow Biters line?

I am not really sure. SL is always evolving so fast I say it is best not to make plans. Those sitting an making plans usually end up being left behind by the time they finish.

14)Please share with us your upcoming DJ schedule and any other info, websites or such. Please never stop playing or I will force you to have sex with a brontosaurus...

Monday and Wednesday 8PM-10PM @ BLU
Teusday 9PM-11PM @ Impulse
Friday 7PM-9PM @ Asylum

Thank you very much Dex, for your time! You can always count on me to support you in your future projects when I can.
Take care buddy!

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