Monday, April 26, 2010

Cannon Atlass's Rezz Day Party-Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Friday night we were invited to Cannon Atlas's 2nd Rezz Day Party. I couldn't make it to the first half held at his and Thorne's, Atonement Club because I had to accompany Larz at another hosting job but we made it to the second part at the house party!
The second I got there I knew it would be a blast. So many buddies in attendance like Zim Gunsberg, Zann Baxton, Regi Yifu, TigerC2X Robonaught etc etc so it was a cool, comfortable scene however someone kept orbiting people and I found myself plunging into the air and into the ocean!
Halfway through the night most folk got neked and some of the cocks in attendance were fucking breathtaking! (Sorry no permission to post THOSE pics-lol).Those new X4 cocks sure are turning up everywhere and setting off my proximity gesture constantly and I don't say that this was a bad thing!
DJ Zann Baxton played all songs hand picked by Cannon and it fucking rocked but unfortunately there were no performances by Cannon. Almost all the songs were from his repertoire but the song that made me bust a nut was Dee-Lite's "Groove Is In The Heart" from the early 90's! DJ Zann rocked though and I remember I first got my ass kicked by his DJing at the last Honcho party a while back (also mentioned in this blog somewhere -cough).
Party ended somewhat prematurely at 9pm Second Life time and I wanted to party at least for another hour so my boyfriend Larz and I went man hunting at Paradise Gay Beach and Hubs and brought home this massive, blond stud whose name shall be anonymous, and we spent the hour fucking in a threesome, snorting virtual cocaine off each others bare asses and eventually we fell asleep in a pile of tits, X4's, asses and orifices that looked breathtaking with my settings set to midnight with just a candle flickering at both ends hehe...
What a great night despite the orbiting!
Party 10 out of 10 Zig points with a double diva snap and a bitch smirk!

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