Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cannon Atlass-Fabulous Individual !!!!!!!

On Early Wednesday morning I was bored out of my skull and decided to stroll down Paradise Gay Beach to take in the sights and maybe have some fun. I felt completely bored of Second Life lately and was feeling like a Second Life depression coming on.
I talked to a few friends, Ryce Skytower and Bili Ragu and after saying goodbye and ready to log off I spotted this very hot looking guy named Cannon Atlass who was riding this space aged rocket/motorcycle down the beach and looked like a complete lunatic but he looked like he was having fun. I followed him.
As I approached we stopped and looked at each other and I saw just how sexy he really was. Without a word or a hello he began playing music and dancing. Being a freak myself I joined in and began dancing with him. Over the coarse of an hour or so he changed into different costumes and did little "acts" that were hilarious, fun, brilliant and ripped me from the funk I was in...At one point he did a dance to Madonna "Erotica" with a whip, mask and all followed by a Lady Gaga get up while spinning on top of a huge box with Lady gaga pictures on it! A Spanish song where he was dressed as a bullfighter and more! The most fun was a Pink song that had me gesturing and hooting while onlookers on the beach stared at us like we were freaks! Fuck them!
A friend of his came along and invited me to go with them to Cannon's new house to see it.
It was just as beautiful as he was, with color, fun and eccentricities that I love!
He had a huge cannon there where you got into it and it shot you in the air and landed a few meters away like a circus!
We spent some time together and had the one of the best times in my Second Life that I have ever had. Cannon showed me that there are new fun things in Second Life besides endless clubs, parties and orgies!
Cannon Atlass-you are a star and a fabulous person and I give you 11 out of 10 Zig points for being brilliant, funny and tremendous! I hope we cross paths again one day!

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