Monday, March 08, 2010

The New Linden Homes

This past weekend I signed up for one of those free homes given out to Second Life premium members and with only 117 prims decided to see what I could work with.
The house is a cool A Frame with a deck and a huge park behind me for public use.
After seeing I could actually cram a lot of my favorite prims into this house I made a decision to abandon my 1,000 L a week beach house and move permanently into my rent free new Linden house.
I have been there 3 days now and love it. It's big and roomy but it's FREE!
No more rent, no more land tiers.
Sure I had to minimize my belongings ( and I can be a major prim whore with my attention to details) but now it's my very favorite stuff and it's a place to call home when not stumbling stoned and drunk from party to party or from (cough) bed to bed!

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