Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Second Life Viewer 2.0.........Hated It!

Well....takes a deep breath and exhales.....I just spent the day experimenting with the new Beta Second Life Viewer 2.0 which is the viewer that will soon be the mandatory, new viewer....I'll be God damned first and as long as Emerald Viewer and the original SL viewer is around I will never use the new piece of shit viewer!
You heard the phrase "If it ain't broke..." well we all know SL is constantly broken but this new viewer has impossibly destroyed all common sense and regular SL peeps will find this new crap, confusing, difficult and will leave you frustrated and furious in a bad way!
Sure it looks black and sleek and smooth as a leather-mans black leather monster but the buttons are all moved around and haywire and everything you have learned is thrown out the window for a clunky, screen hogging disgrace! I really really tried to learn it and use it but just sending out group notices will leave you cursing like a sailor!
Why Oh Why don't they just leave the controls as they are, fix the fuckin' bugs and just add the new bells and whistles and ok...maybe make it sleek and pretty looking but why did they change where all the controls are. The gestures box displays one Christ of a mess and when logging in you never know what clothes you will be wearing if any at all!
The new viewer boasts of a new "Tattoo" layer of clothing but you need tattoos that are made for the special layer so all your old and current favs are useless.
Sure it's still in Beta and no I'm not afraid of change but this is a mess.
0 out of 10 Zig points for this apocalypse!

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