Friday, March 12, 2010

Passed Out On The Floor....covered in cobwebs!

Have you ever gone overboard? Have you ever partied so hard you found yourself waking up in a vacant lot covered in cobwebs and dew all over you, soaking wet from passing out and soaked by early morning lawn sprinklers?
Have you ever found yourself asleep in some strangers bath tub or bed and cannot remember a God damn thing?
Partying on SL removes all this and allows us to party hard until we're passed out on the virtual floor, covered in our own sick...without the hangover!
Looking and feeling fabulous while drunk and not at your best takes work. You need the right hair, wardrobe, attitude and um.....witnesses to see just how fantastic you are under scrutiny!
Here are some tips for the party peeps of Second Life:

-Never be caught naked without your Xcite or Realasm on otherwise your mistaken for woman and apt to be gang raped by bots...

-If a night of wanton sex and a path of destruction seems to be in your nightly events please just wear jeans and nothing else. Nothing is more unattractive than a passed out avatar lying in their own poop and vomit in a Vivian Westwood catsuit on the lawn of Linden Labs....

-Do not attempt Runway modeling unless stone cold sober, otherwise you may find yourself humiliated as you hurtle off the edge and land face first in some newbie's crotch where you begin a long and lengthy stalking situation of puppy love situations and incidents....enough said!

-During avatar sex listen carefully for the sound of a camera snapping pictures otherwise you may find yourself indulged in a rather elaborate centerfold of some cheap SL magazine for Furry's...(don't ask don't tell remember ;-)

-Always be prepared for blackmail photos and I.M. chat logs to be used against you and exploited....remember to always look fabulous and say spectacular and devastatingly funny things in case your ever in these situations!

-Do not try to quickly get dressed on the fly in public areas...

-Finally the worst of the worst....being logged out or crashing when your naked and aroused because you can bet your sweet ass that you will relog and find yourself naked and alone on Help island with millions and millions of drooling noobies, rezzing all around you and finding that teleporting is down for maintenance...

Have a great day babies xxxxx


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