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An Interview with DJ Insyx Piranha- Famous and Fabulous!

What more can I say about DJ INSYX PIRANHA other than fabulous, famous, very classy, eclectic, and extremely friendly, down to earth and one hell of a DJ....ok dammit, sexy too!!!!!
He's married to the equally sexy Mountainbear Botanic! Our hands are off hehe
If you have never been to at least one of his gigs than your a bugger piss head noob hehe! You MUST check him out!
I can't begin to count the clubs he has DJ'd at but he is most famous for his AQUA club as well as a regular at the also infamous IRONWORKS, MILEHIGH CLUB, AUSSIBOYS and so on...
I knew I just had to interview him but knew he has been through countless ones before so I hope I do him justice here on my stupid, little blog!

1) Ok Mr DJ what makes you crave to DJ on Second Life, what were your original goals and dreams when you decided to begin? I know your very first gig was on the front lawn of your house 3 years ago so did that experience give you confidence to continue and branch out and be so passionate about your music?

Hiya Ziggy. Hmm, the crave I like that. I crave spinning music and having a great time and seeing others have a good time. My original goals were like in RL, basically to live and explore life to the fullest. On SL I am not very different from RL so I take these same goals to heart here as I would in the real world. That being said, I love trying new things and if they work then yay...if they don't, then at least I know I tried my hardest, regroup, and start something new again.

OMG!! Wow yes over 3 years calling me old? LOL! I have been passionate about music for a long time, way before SL came along. SL gives people an outlet to their creative pastimes. The day I told MountainBear, my SL hubby, that I had a dream of a club named AquA and I want to start Djing on SL he stood by me 100 percent. That there was all the confidence I needed, along with the push and drive from my friends at the time.

2) You recently celebrated with one hell of a party for the 3rd anniversary of Aqua Lounge and 3 years as a DJ on Second Life! Congrats man xxx
What are some of your best memories from the years gone by and would you do anything differently if you had the chance?

It was a blast and I am happy you was there at the 3 Year Anniversary of Aqua Lounge and my 3 years of Djing on SL. That was an awesome laggy adventure but people had fun and that is what counts in the end. My best memories of the years gone by would have to be...well...everyone and everything that was fun. Really the best memory will always be that first day on the lawn of our home. Crappy little pavilion AquA was. I was so nervous. Kaj even said I was, but I was doing a good job Djing.

There really would be nothing I would do differently. Taking on any task I take responsibility for everything that happens. To feel I would do this or that differently would slap that in the face. All the ups and downs my SL family and friends and sister clubs stood by me...stood by us and that is nothing I never ever want to change. We went in this without any ideas of competing with the other clubs for dominance in the SL LGBT community. We love working with all the other clubs and organizations to make SL awesome for all. We will still continue to do so.

3) Have you or have you ever considering DJing in your First Life?

Actually I have Djed in RL on a few occasions. However, most of the time I create and produce my own Trance, Trip-hop beats and music. Then I would do shows and recreate what I done in my home studio on stage. It can be funny to see...i just run around the equipment like I was Orbital on crack LOL. Before that I done the whole garage band thing. Was a good time and we even got to play at CBGBs a few times.

4) On SL what is the one place you would love to play at but have not yet had the chance? What would be your dream gig?

BLU in Boystown. I really like that place and would so love to DJ there. I know DJ Aeschylus Shepherd and he is a regular DJ there. We go back a long way and I dig the vibe he and the staff at BLU created.

My dream gig would be a huge SL Linden event. Any kind really, but I would like one that was out there and highly spotlighted. A boy can dream hehe. I am happy doing what I am doing now where I do it, so that is all that counts for me now.

5) Ok here is a generic question hehe, what are your current top 10 tunes you love and play regularly and your personal top 10 CD's?

Hmm, this question makes me actually think due to there being so many, but my top 10 tunes I love to play right now are
Nic Chagall – This Moment (progressive mix)
Home – Paul Van Dyke (Cosmic Gate Remix)
Chicane – Hiding All The Stars (club mix)
Mika – Rain (Seamus Haji Big Love Remix)
DJ Tiesto – Carpe Noctum (Fire Element Mix)
Cheryl Cole ft. Wil.I.Am – 3 Words (Daman & Gooding Mix)
Pink – Funhouse (Digital Dog Mix)
DJ Lobsterdust – Smash My Bitch Up! (Prodigy vs Smashing Pumpkins)
Leona Lewis - Happy (Jasom Nevins Remix)
DJ Tiesto - Ten Seconds Before Sunrise

Now my personal top 10 CDs are
Juno Reacter – Bible of Dreams
Smashing Pumpkins – Gish
Smashing Pumpkins – Adore
DJ Tiesto – Kaleidoscope
Crystal Method – Vegas
Deftones – Saturday Night Wrist
30 Seconds to Mars – A Beautiful Lie
Nine Inch Nails – Downward Spiral
Prince – Purple Rain
Radiohead – OK Computer

6) You are also owner and creator of Cockwood designs! The name alone gives me weak knees, but how did you come about with the fashions, the ideas and the cool threads?

SL is all about trying new things as I said. MountainBear and I wanted to get into creating clothing and photo work. It started off small and our first shop was in the old Warehouse Plaza when it was back on mainland. Now we are still with Warehouse Plaza with their will find our main store there. The design of the clothing is evolving with each series. I love the progression our clothing is taking. Next creation better than the last.

Actually right now I am working on something new and cool, yet very sexy. It is all hush hush right now. However, we do now have cowboy hats...Yeehaw!!

7) Here is a scary question...what would you do if suddenly, overnight, Second Life ceased to exist and there were no other virtual worlds?

Well I keep in touch with a lot of my SL peeps and family outside of SL using phone, yahoo, blogs, and email. I met a lot of peeps in RL so far...about 20 of them. It is one of my biggest goals to meet all my SL buds in RL. That will never change of SL goes down. Also, since I am the same in and out of SL then the same goes for the love of all my SL peeps. Finally, I will just dwell heavily back into first-person shooter gaming on PC LOL.

8) I know your a gamer, so what are your favorite games from past and present?

I started playing games way back in the days on old Atari systems and Nintendo. They were cool but nothing says gaming like computer first person shooters. All that console gaming is fun for regular games but PC games is where it is at. I played semi pro with a gaming clan most of my adult life. Started with Quake 2, then gone onto Quake 3, Return to Castle Wolfenstein, Enemy territory, Quake 4, Battlefield 2, Counter Strike: source, Half0Life, Half-Life2, Team Foretress, and Stefan Box on SL and I play Left 4 Dead and Left 4 Dead 2 a lot at nights.

As you see yes I am a huge PC first person shooter gamer. I do however own a PSP, Playstation2 and Playstation3. My favorite games on them are usually 3rd person action games like Grand Theft Auto (any version), Devil May Cry series, and various sports games. As for that Halo crap, never got into it. I actually am so against first person shooters on console. They should always be played with a keyboard and mouse to even think of being good at first person shooters, but that is just my opinion

9) I see your website and that you have a massive family on Second Life! What are all your sites and blogs (URL's)? Who are the peeps in your family?

My main website is which is for my life on SL, family, AquA info, and other businesses I own or co-own. My blog is at and that is for up tot he minute news and fun about things I do and see in SL and RL.

My family is kinda large in SL. My family life in RL is less than perfect and SL is all about dreams come true. One of them was to have a huge close knit family that take care of each other. My sons are Bret Broadway, Matt Guyot, and TheBoi Umarov. My Nephew is Uma Washborne. My Brothers are Alexiss, Revan, Nathaniel , Martino, Dextrum, Alexcub, Kannath, Bear/Noah,Trippy, Bubba, and Jurgen. My sisters are Jordan, Gracie, Kharissa. MountainBear's brothers are Stefan Box and Kody. This makes Duir and Galileo my inlaws...woof!! My cousins are Marcus Llewellyn, Mascal Rau and Sonko Carter. Finally, yes I have a SL mom and dad in Kitten Gemimi and Marcus Antonelli.

Mainly, I really consider all my SL buds, as well as the list above, as family in some form or fashion. Man I love this world.

10) Where do you hope to be on Second Life in 3 years from now and what goals do you aspire for in the future? Does SL have a future and will you continue to be in it?

I think I will be in the same place in SL I am now. Just happy doing what I love to do no matter how insane or busy I become. I will continue to make new friends, love the ones I have, and keeping the vibe alive for all. I love working with other clubs and groups to make SL a fun place for the LGBT and anyone else. Life is too short to compete and have drama. Who knows how long SL has on the market, so make the best of it as much as possible. Live to the fullest and strive help each other in and out of world.

SL has a future as long as that horrible new 2.0 viewer does not become mandatory. I have never complained so much about an update as I do now. It is pure crap and in your face that you forget why you are in SL. No matter what and as long as we have second or third party viewers, that won't be a problem. SL will hopefully go on for a long time to come.

Second Life is a much richer place with you in it buddy!
Thank you for your time, your music, your humor and for being you...

Ziggy you are a great guy and I love your blog. Keep it up. You was one of the people that inspired me to start mine. Hugs!

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