Friday, February 19, 2010

The Fabulous AQUA LOUNGE celebrates 3 years on Second Life

Wow what a bash! One of my favorite clubs, The AQUA LOUNGE just celebrated it's 3rd year on Second Life and the mix of DJ's combined with a fun crowd made for a fantastic time.
The owner Insyx Piranha put on a fabulous time for all.
As per usual Second Life however was in it's usual fine form too and kept crashing me until I was as raw as freshly fucked leatherman but still the problems did not stop my party!
I have known Insy for years now from my past lives and he never fails to put on great party's! I remember when Aqua was nothing but a great dance party held on Insy's front lawn of his house and watched it progress over the years.
Long live Aqua Lounge and babies, here is to many many more years to come!

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