Saturday, February 06, 2010

Please...NO MORE THEMES! Note to Club Owners!

I just had a conversation with several buddies of mine and we came upon the subject of themes that are always announced at Clubs and Parties and how they sometimes become way over the top!
The last straw for us was Ironworks the past few months having these elaborate, extravagant themes almost every night of the week with their themes becoming so expensive to keep up with it's to the point of being just too much!
The theme in question was "Lord Of The Rings". Now not everybody is into this and some have no idea what this consists of. The simplest costumes cost 500L and upwards and not everybody has a golden horseshoe up their ass to afford all these outfits every night just to fit in with the damn themes.
I spend my last few Lindens on cool clothes that I like and want to wear out and not on silly elven or wizard or gollum avatars and costumes that will never be worn again!
Not to be singling out Ironworks but they seem to be the worst offenders and the dwindling crowds are a result of these over the top themes and dress codes. Sometimes you can be made to be a fool if you are not in costume and so many folks simply go elsewhere!
I miss the days of ironworks heyday when Paulec Decuir ran the place and it was all real men only!
Anyways guys try going with more simple themes like best in black or something that costs nothing and most peeps already have in their inventory and will not cost a small fortune. Not everyone works in SL and not everyone has the Lindens to dish out.
You catch my drift. I am just being honest here!

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