Monday, January 18, 2010

Party Weekend .....again!

Well sexies as usual I had another weekend of burning my candles at both ends! Parties, happenings, new friends, sex and fashion....the models seem to be getting younger and younger and before you know it they will be dressing fetus's up in designer clothes and throwing them down the runway.....(gasp)
Whole rows of skeletons with Jackie O. hair.....
I also moved again to a chateau on a little island...
I met some new friends...Kimberly, as well as some sexy punky dudes who chatted to me all night about Glam rock, glitter, David Bowie and! ;-) Shhhhhhh
Hung out at more fabulous clubs such as Disturbed, Shampoo, Studio 54, Ironworks, Impulse, Tainted Boys, Club Blu before bringing some friends around to the house for afterwards were we indulged in some nose candy, perkazoids and all kinds of party favors were we all ended up in a huge pile on my new Pillowbiters bed (given to me by the creator and sexy DJ friend: Dextrum) were we snorted drugs off each others asses before falling asleep with our faces buried in each others orifices.

Club Shampoo


Paradise Gay (nude) Beach

Impulse 2606 club

More Club Shampoo

Studio 54

My new chateau

More Studio 54

Disturbed Club

Tainted Boys

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