Saturday, January 16, 2010

And Now For Something Completely Different: An Interview with DJ Ralphy Triellis...

Yeah it's been done before but fuck it, thought I would occasionally interview some cool and fabulous people that I have met on Second Life so I offer my first taste of the hot and fab with one of my favorite Second Life Dj's: Ralphy Triellis...

Heya Mr DJ Ralphy, put my record on. What made you finally decide to take the plunge and become the excellent DJ that myself and many others love?

Ralphy:I was running a club as the general manager and my DJs would sometimes call out so I learned to do it my self and it sort of took over.

You sometimes state your DJing has a split personality. The first time I heard you was at a DJ night and you played half your set disco and the other half was rock and roll. Very good rock and roll! Which is your favorite side and which would you prefere to always play the most?

Ralphy:I like both about equally it just depends on my mood. Most clubs want Dance so I don't get to play rock very often.

When did you first discover Second Life and what were the circumstances?

Ralphy: I heard a couple people at work talking about it and decided to look it up.

What are your top 10 favorite songs as of this moment in time dude?

Ralphy: I'm kind of odd, I like certain songs forever and some new songs creep in .
1. Pink Floyd -- On the turning away
2. Guns n Roses -Sweet child of mine
3. Robbie Williams - Bodies
4. Simone Denny - Drama Queen
5. Nickleback - Somethng in your mouth
6. Bloodhound Gang - The bad touch song (Discovery Chanel)
7. Pink - Funhouse
8. Eurithmics - Sweet Dreams
9. Susan Boyle - Wild Horses - toMOOSE Club mix
10. The Police - King of pain - Bootleg Huse remix

What place would be your dream place to DJ either future place or place you have already played?

Ralphy: I got that early in my DJ career when I got hired at Impulse. I have 2 clubs I do there. The FullMoon Saloon and The void. In all of SL there is no place with the energy of Impulse!

What gets you off the most awhen your playing? The music, the crowds, the tips (lol) or the sexy people screaming to sleep with you (hehe)?

Ralphy: The Tips are nice and appreciated but what gets me off is seeing I LOVE THIS TUNE!!! Flying form 10 diffrent AVs it always makes me smile

When, how and where did you meet your handsome boyfriend Christian? Does he support your DJing?

Ralphy: The story of Ralphy and Christian is too long for a note card - we have one word for it -- Gravity -- Christian not only supports my Djing he hosts for me at some of my gigs

Whom is YOUR favorite DJ or your fav DJ's?

Ralphy: ME!! (Just Kidding) My favortie DJ in SL is one of my best friends Skull Graves

What was your very first DJ gig and can you remember the very first track you ever played on Second Life?

Ralphy: C&C Music Factory - Sweat and it was at Spotlight at Manifesto

Finally, tell us about your new club, Disturbed and how did it come about? What are your future goals for the club?

Ralphy: Disturbed for now is a club I use to play in when I feel like it and also to do fund raisers for my Freinds in the Onyx Moon Horde -- it may be more some day, who knows (grins evily)

Ok Thanks very much buddy, you rock my world on a regular basis and see you again inworld...

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