Friday, December 31, 2010


My New Years Resolutions for 2011:

1) Get married on SL (watch for a big surprise any minute now ;-)
2) Stay clean and sober on Second Life (I been clean and sober in real life for 17 years now)
3) Have more sex
4) Stop giving the time of day to people on SL who have proven not to be real friends
5) Be a better friend to real friends
6) Be even more brutally honest with this blog of mine
7) Have sex with Ryce Skytower (this resolution did not come true from last year!!!!) ;-)
8) Seduce Cannon Atlass on a rock overhanging a high cliff ;-
9) Have a threesome with Cannon Atlass and Rider Overland ;-)
and finally
10) Be nicer to Philip Eubanks ;-)

UPDATE: The morning after-New Years Day: One thing I learned on New Years Eve was who some of my real friends are and which ones need to be slowly left by the wayside.
More and more I am slowly seeing that my older friends from SL seem to be the true friends and some of the new friends from this past year from a certain club I been going to need to be forgotten! Shallow trendies who only come around and kiss your ass when they beg for your tips and only when you are the latest darling of the their club scene. The owner of this club is quite the asshole too and I had to mute him and his ass kissing bitch because they hogged the whole chat and just wouldn't shut up! Makes one feel Blue if you let it but I'm not into boys I'm into men ;-)
A new real man I recently met and became smitten with turned out to be a major letdown and with 2010 fading into my rear view mirror I shall forget him as my tires squeal forward into 2011.
HoweverI have met some new friends this past year however who seems genuine and cool named Donny Alsop, Cannon Atlass, Rider Overland, Nicholas Patrono and Tim88 Vollmar to name a few...
Finally as the year 2010 came to a close my SL has come full circle and someone close to me has become very clear that they are the one and all will be announced in these very pages very soon!
Happy New Year Bitches and let's hope 2011 is a better year than 2010 which seemed rather dull...

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Clean and Sober For Christmas

My last post before the new year and I felt it important enough to blog!
As reported in my last blog I had been to rehab and have emerged a brand, new Ziggy...clean and sober and drug free.
I have been asked why I decided to get my shit together and the answer is simple.
You know you have gone too far when you wake up in a strange dark room on the floor naked and alone with a shoe hanging off my X4 penis??? All I remember seeing was a dark hole and a tongue so a shoe seemed an apt fit!!!
For an avatar like myself who has fucked more musicians than Napster this even shocked me....
Well here I am fresh from the Betty Ford center and a graduate from Celebrity Rehab and Dr Drew's Sober Living house were I had shared a room with another SL Selebrity:
Willilicious Georgette.

Have a great Christmas everybody and I normally would offer a toast and a I'll drink to that for the New Year 2011 but instead I think I will just give you all a nice tantalizing nipple pinch and a quick cup of all your large, Christmas packages!
HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Ziggy In Rehab?

Ziggy has checked himself into the Second Life Betty Ford Clinic and Celebrity Rehab TV Show to overcome his unimaginable drug and alcohol addiction however nowhere in the contract did it state that sex rehabilitation was included....Dr Drew is having a very rough time keeping Ziggy Clean and Sober and Ziggy keeps acting out and being a drama queen to get attention however Dr Drew is apparently being very strict and keeping an eye on him! Kathy Griffen paid him a visit the other day but she brought her mother along who kept trying to smuggle in box's of cheap wine but the staff were quick acting and confiscated her purse which also contained cocaine, marijuana, prescription drugs and playgirl magazines!
Rumor also has it that Ziggy has a new twin brother named Jett Starsmith and a brand, new boyfriend named ........ ;-)
Have a great holiday and see you in 2011

Friday, December 10, 2010

Happy Holidays Everybody

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah and Happy News Year Everybody!
See you in 2011 with Ziggy's: My Second Life On The D List
A new year in bad taste, horrific clothing and scandalous behavior and looking pretty fucking good doing it bitches....

Click here for your dose of Xmas Drivel!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

KISS-Live at MILE HIGH CLUB's 3rd Anniversary

You wanted the best and you got the best......KISS
Tuesday Night December 7th, 2010 The Famous Mile High Club owned by rugged, sexy Milehigh Maximus celebrated their 3rd anniversary. To start off with a bang they had a massive KISS concert with the band themselves fully cocked and loaded, firebombs, dry ice, smoke bombs, make up and everything loud and proud that all KISS fans love!
I remember finding the Mile High Club as a noob but it was always empty with no party's going on whenever I went there! It wasn't until a year and a half ago that I finally attended a Milehigh Party and Mileshigh the owner took to me immediately, very friendly and welcoming! The Milehigh Club was one of the first clubs that offered my best friend LARZ KAS a job as a host. It was also the place where I met Ryuu Hoisan who I exclusively dated during my last days of my Rhett Whybrow persona!! I met so many friends there and have so many memories.
On a sad note though, my last days of Rhett Whybrow I had become Milehigh's adopted brother on Second Life and was on the brink of being crowned Mr Sweetleaf 2009 when unexpectedly, Rhett Whybrow died of a drug overdose after snorting too much whiskey and drinking too much cocaine ;-)
When I was reborn as Ziggy however in my quest to start a new Second Life fresh with new experiences, I stopped going to the Mile High Club as well as a few other favorite places in search of new things! I did not realize what I missed and perhaps Ziggy needs to go back to some of the things he loved...


Sometimes I think everybody on Second Life is all an alt (alternative avatar) of one person and I am the only other soul on the grid. I used to have alts (all well documented here in this blog already) but I deleted all their accounts about 2 months ago so they no longer exist and I cannot even log onto them ever again! I just felt no need for an alt. All my deleted alts were just my old main characters that died as I slowly evolved into Ziggy.Again and for the last time my alts were: LX7 Frog, Rex Short, Manny Steampunk and Rhett Whybrow!
Anyway I do understand why some folks have alts and it does not matter to me. Even when or if I find out someone is somebody's alt it still does not matter! An alt to me is just another character which I treat differently as if they were separate people!
I know it is no secret that my buddy Eddie Haskel has an alt named Ryce Skytower but when I speak with them inworld I treat them differently! I have tended to use more sexual innuendo when speaking with Ryce. Ryce is single where Eddie is married to Jago so hence I treat that with respect and don't talk sexual to Eddie ;-)
In summary, I do not care who is an alt because Second Life is all about fantasy and freedom and I will treat each avatar as a separate individual!
Also it is fact that some people are real life men who are Second Life women and vice versa but it does not matter to me!
It is all about the fantasy don't you think?
I will have no more alts because I am very happy as Ziggy now and no need for anyone else!

Wednesday, December 01, 2010

I met a real MAN!

I met a beautiful man named Leander on Monday night and needless to say has me completely smitten! I think err I KNOW I have found the ultimate man to finally make me tone it down and not look at any other guys. If you don't see me around at the clubs much anymore you will understand why! After a year plus of being Ziggy, this is the sexiest man I have ever met and plan on taking things nice and slow and easy so I don't bugger this one up! ;-)
Sorry dudes, Ziggy is officially and finally off the market!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Horsing Around with Amaretto Breedable Horses...

For the past 2 weeks I been taking a break from the clubs and dry humping anything that moved and together with my buddy Larz Kas and Kharissa Indigo and new friend Petr Vanbeeck we been getting into the fun of raising and breeding the fairly new breedable Amaretto Horses! Actual Second Life horses that are rideable but also can be bred to have actual babies, much like the bunnies that are found on Second Life. The parents usually have special colors, traits and eye colors that when bred together can create new combinations that can be sold or auctioned for large amounts of Linden dollars. I went to 2 horse auctions that sold Amaretto horses and some sold for as much as 45000L each. Males are much more rare and fetch a higher price and unusual traits such as special eye color or mane and tails determine which horses are more valuable! I was amazed at how many people are into this and how addictive it is! On November 18th, 2010, Larz and I started off with a beautiful, black pony as a gift from Kharissa Indigo as a birthday present for Larz and now we have 7 horses in total with my two females pregnant lol.
The baby horses mature in 7 days in which they can then be ridden as pets or be bred with other horses when they reach Fervor which I guess means their horniness level.
Larz's baby pony has since matured and has been bred and had a baby male pony.
You must buy food for the horses or they get sick and after approximately 3 months or so they no longer breed. They can be traded in to Horse Haven for points which I think gives you money off on food and supplies.
I must say I am becoming addicted to riding and watching them and they have a very peaceful effect!
Here are some pics taken of our various pony's and horses at different stages of growth...

More info: